Foundation for Different Skin Types

Foundation isn’t for everyone because some women are lucky enough to have flawless skin. Foundation is also something that many women only use on special occasions because it feels like a chore to put what seems like pounds of product on your face every day. But this certainly isn’t to say that foundation doesn’t have its place in the makeup world. Foundations are made to act as a foundation to build-up your makeup, and if you’re someone who feels insecure about redness, uneven skin tone, acne scars or dull skin tone, you may find that makeup foundation gives you a little less to worry about.

To liven up your skin’s color, you can use foundation to brighten your face and create a radiant glow. You can also add a small amount of luminizer to foundation before applying it to your face. The luminizer will create a subtle glow all over your skin, and can also present the illusion of you being more awake!

With the threat of skin cancer, it’s no wonder why cosmetic companies are putting SPF in nearly every product, including makeup foundation. If your daily moisturizer doesn’t provide any sun protection, then rely on your foundation to take care of you while under the sun. But also note that it has been a misconception for many years that putting makeup on instantly guards your skin against the sun’s harmful rays. Even still, if your makeup contains no SPF, you’re just as vulnerable with it on as you are with it off.

Foundation Formula Types

foundation formulasSkin types vary from person to person, and finding the right formula can be tricky – especially if your skin changes with the seasons!

  • Dry skin requires more moisture than oily or normal skin, so reach for a cream, liquid or mousse formula of makeup foundation.
  • If you have oily skin, you should choose a mineral powder foundation or liquid foundation in combination with a setting powder over top;
  • Normal skin types can use nearly any formula of foundation.

Companies are making it even easier for us to find the perfect foundation for our skin type by printing directly on the bottles which skin type the foundation is intended for.

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