How to Fix a Bad Dye Job

Hair dye mishaps can happen to anyone who is trying to change the color of their hair. In most cases, a bad dye job will happen to someone who is inexperienced with at-home hair coloring systems; however, even getting your hair colored, tinted, highlighted or lowlighted in a salon isn’t a surefire way for perfect hair color.

In short, you can have hair dye problems with any coloring procedure, no matter where you choose to have it done.

If you’re suffering from a hair coloring mishap, here are some tips to help you get back to looking normal again.

Fixes for Salon Mishaps

Professional Hair DyeingIf you had a hair color treatment performed at a salon, and the result left your hair an odd or splotchy color, then call the salon immediately to reschedule a consultation; most salons will provide a 48-72 hour opening for you to adjust to your new color. If you find it dissatisfying, you can go back to the salon, and they’ll fix your hair at no additional charge.

Assuming you’re unsure about the ability of the salon you’ve already visited, you should ask another salon to assess your hair so that you don’t end up with brassy, or ill-tinted hair. You can also visit a color correction specialist to have the color removed altogether; this requires multiple visits to the salon for it to be truly effective.

Never try to fix a salon professional’s mistake at home because it could cause more coloring problems, and even lead to over-processed hair.

Also, if you have dyed your hair a darker color, don’t buy a new box of a lighter shade to cover up the dark – it won’t work!

Color isn’t able to lift color, which basically means that you can’t remove a black hair dye by using a lighter color of dye. You need a product designed to remove the color from your hair before attempting to re-color.

At-Home Mistakes

If you happened to muck up your own hair color at home with a hair coloring box kit, don’t worry because there is still hope for you. These products will have a 1-800 number found somewhere on the box for you to use during regular business hours. Customer service reps will be able to assist you over the phone, and answer any questions you may have after you’ve dyed your hair.

Another thing you can do to fix a bad hair job at home is to purchase a darker semi or demi-permanent color, and re-dye your hair.

If your hair has a green tint to it, you can often use a chlorine removal shampoo, or a tomato juice soak to get rid yourself of the green color.

Color Removing Kits

Keep in mind what chemicals you’ve already put onto your hair in the past, and the texture of your hair because some hair responds more or less to permanent hair dyes. If you’ve dyed your hair deep black, when you really wanted a dark brunette, hair color removers will get your hair ready for re-coloring.

Sure it won’t be the original shade by using the hair color removal kits, and you will have an orangey-brown hair color that isn’t attractive; fortunately, this will easily be covered up with your next box of hair dye.

The hair color removal kits contain bleaching agents to take the color from the hair follicle, leaving your hair ready for a re-color. Just remember that this is only suggested for someone with hair that is in great condition, other than the hair color mishap of course.

Color “removers” should not be used on extremely dry, damaged hair. Since removers contain bleaching agents, they can be somewhat damaging to the hair follicle – especially if your hair is already damaged!

Assuming you are lucky enough to have supple hair, go ahead and remove the dye with a remover kit.

How To Fade Color

This is the only time when heat is your hair’s best friend because heat will often fade colored hair.

By using hot water and hot olive oil, you will open up the hair cuticle, which helps fade color faster. Fading your color may not be the perfect solution with green or orange hair, but it quickly reduces the dyed color.

Beauty Schools

Use local beauty schools to your advantage! If you can’t get into a salon for a color correction, and you’re not comfortable doing it at home, call a beauty school or college to volunteer your hair as a model.

Most schools won’t charge you anything for your willingness to let students practice on your hair under supervision. If the school you call doesn’t have model options, they might still give you a lower price so that you don’t have to pay full price at a hair salon.

You’ll get quality results because the students are trying to achieve good grades, and they’re able to take the time to get the color perfect for you.

Recovering from Orange Hair

If you’ve tried to bleach your hair and have ended up with an orange color, you have a couple of options.

The first thing to consider is the health of your hair; if your hair is very dry or brittle, and is breaking off easily, you should not lighten it any more.

But assuming you have fairly healthy hair, considering another lightening treatment is a possibility. However, for most people, darkening their hair is going to be the best solution for recovering from a bad bleaching.

Use a light brown to dark blonde dye, in combination with an ash toner to take the reddish hue down a notch, instead of using another lightening treatment.

It’s always a good idea to condition your hair heavily before applying another round of dye.

Remember, once hair is damaged, it cannot be restored to its natural condition; you must either cut if off, or let it grow out. Your hair can be conditioned to make it look and feel better, but risking further damage is often a bad choice, and can lead you to frustration and anger. And having to give up your dream of being blonde, for the moment, is much better than having no hair at all.

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