Types of Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are an investment because they can be expensive, but they also make applying makeup easier and leave you with better results. Assuming you decide to make this investment, there are plenty of options available. When sifting through the options, keep in mind that the quality of your cosmetic brush depends on whether the bristles are made with natural hair or synthetic bristles. Also note that just because a brush is more expensive doesn’t always mean it’s higher quality than the cheaper brushes.

In terms of functionality, each brush serves a different purpose, and unless you’re a professional makeup artist, you won’t need every type of brush ever made. You can buy cosmetic brushes in a set or individually, but either way, the cost can add up quickly. If you’re doing other people’s makeup professionally, then a full kit containing lots of makeup brushes would be ideal. Now that we’ve covered the basics, here is a rundown of makeup brushes commonly available to you.
makeup brushes


Concealer brush

They are typically made of synthetic bristles because these bristles are firmer than those made of hair. Concealer brushes are usually tapered in shape, and come in a few different sizes; small concealer brushes are ideal for spots and minor blemishes. With the introduction of new types of foundation products like mineral and silicone, you’ll find roundheads and other concealer brush shapes available too.

Foundation brush

Foundation brushes are different from concealer brushes because they’re typically larger and denser. However, foundation brushes designed for cream and liquid foundations are also similar to concealer brushes because they both have a flat and tapered shape. Other foundation brushes have been developed due to new foundation formulas like mineral powder. Just keep in mind that you’ll need a roundhead foundation brush instead of a tapered one when it comes to mineral powder.

Stippling brush

Stippling brushes have become very popular for applying foundation because they’re able to buff the product onto your face. Stippling brushes are made with two different types of bristles: one that picks the product up, and the other that buffs the product out.

The first set of bristles is made of synthetic bristles that are white, and the second set is made of goat hair, which is the black part of the brush.

Large powder brush

Large powder makeup brushes are used to apply all loose powder, pressed powder, or beads onto your face. The characteristics of large fluffy brushes are sort of self-explanatory; they’re large, gull, and have a dome-head that’s made of natural hair.

Blush brush

This type of makeup brush isn’t as large as the powder brush, but is still bigger than a concealer brush and has a tapered head. You can use a blush brush to contour your face, apply blush, bronzer and also highlight.

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