How to Choose Shampoo & Conditioner

Choosing hair shampoo & conditioner can be very difficult because there are literally hundreds of them. Pay a visit to any cosmetics store in the locality and you will have an option to choose from dozens of brands and variants. There are no direct rules to choose a hair shampoo & conditioner. There are, however, certain parameters that you can check in order to make an informed decision about the selection of shampoos and conditioners.

Read on to find detailed information on some key parameters regarding the selection of hair shampoo and conditioner.


shampoo and conditionerIt can be pretty confusing to choose hair shampoo and conditioner based on the type of ingredients they have. However, the knowledge of ingredients can help you a great deal in making the right selection. Do not go after the marketing pitch of a shampoo or conditioner but remember to learn about various ingredients.

For coarse & curly hair

Curly hair is usually dry because the oil supply does not reach the end. It is usually due to the reason that oil produced at the hair shaft is prevented from reaching the tip of the hair.

For coarse, curly hair, you should go for creamy and moisturizing shampoos.

Shampoos for curly hair should contain shea butter, germ oil and nut oil.

Also, conditioning curly, coarse hairs should be a regular practice.
Men and women with coarse hair should look for conditioners that especially made. An ultra conditioning moisturizer is what curly, coarse hairs need.

For fine & oily hair

Men and women with fine, oily hair prefer to avoid an “oily” appearance. So it is important to avoid creamy shampoos. Creamy products are suitable for coarse, curly hairs only.

For frequent washing, one can look out for products that contain panthenol. This ingredient is known to improve the thickness level for each hair strand. During frequent washings, one can use a dry shampoo or talcum powder for best results.

Conditioners are not so important for limp haired women.
You can just skip a conditioner if you can easily comb through hair after are finished washing them. Always go for a mild conditioner if you have oily, limp hair. Spray conditioners can be great as they don’t reach the scalp so easily. You do not have to lather your hair more than once unless they are “extra oily”.

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