Foundation for Different Skin Types

Liquid Type

This product is easy to apply, and nearly every cosmetic company offers a unique formula that’s popular with almost all skin types. Furthermore, liquid foundation gives your skin fairly good coverage so performance isn’t an issue.

There are oil free liquid foundations available, making it a great formula for all skin types!

Sheer Liquid Type

This offers more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, but if you have a lot of areas that need to be covered, then you’ll require more concealer. The reason why is because sheer liquid foundation doesn’t quite cover imperfections as well as you’d like.

Cream Type

Cream foundations are usually only used for special occasions because the consistency is thicker than that of liquid foundations. Cream foundation gives your skin significantly more coverage, but with its heavy and oily formula, it is best to limit this product’s wear.

Those with very dry skin may be able to wear cream foundations more, but exercise caution when doing so.

Cream-to-Powder Compact Foundation

If you’re busy and on-the-go, a cream-to-powder foundation compact may be what you’re looking for.
You’ll get medium coverage with cream-to-powder compact foundation, which is decent; however, oily skin should steer clear of this formulation because it could be too greasy for your already slick skin!

Note: If you have dry skin, using a cream-to-powder foundation could leave your skin looking dry.

Oil Free Foundation

Oily skin is compatible with oil free foundations, and this product covers blemishes well.
You won’t have to worry about clogging pores with oil free foundations as much as a foundation that does contain oil. Just be sure to blend your foundation out well and down your neck slightly to avoid looking like you have a mask on!

Looking at things from a broad perspective, finding the right foundation for your specific skins is sometimes a trial-and-error process. But when you do find the perfect foundation, it can do wonders for your look.

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