Blow Dryer Attachments

While air-drying hair is ideal because it allows you to keep your locks healthier, not everybody has time for this in the mornings. That’s where blow dryers come into the picture since they were created so both men and women could dry their hair faster. Furthermore, blow drying your hair allows you to manipulate strands to create a smooth and shiny finish.

What’s really nice is that, as technology has advanced, so has this simple hair styling tool. Now blow dryers are packaged and sold with a few attachments that can improve your hair styles even more. The attachments can be overwhelming to those who don’t understand their purpose or how they work, but they’re easy to learn and can be used on all hair types and lengths.

However, before you can worry about attachments, it’s important to find a quality blow dryer. That said, here are a few tips on getting the most suitable hair dryer for your needs.

Blow Dryer Quality

Blow Dryer with Attachment
Not all blow dryers are created equal because the wattage at which your dryer works will determine how quickly your hair dries. Blow dryers can have up to 1,900 watts, but if your hair is weak, easily damaged, fine, or prone to split ends, you’d do best to choose a dryer with lower wattage.

Salons typically have the highest quality blow dryers along with the higher wattage too; however, stylists are able to keep from damaging your hair because of their skills and techniques learned in training. Course and thick hair may require these high-watt blow dryers, but it’s best to avoid holding the dryer in one place for longer than a few seconds at a time. If your locks are fine, thin, or damaged already, you’ll be better off using a dryer with wattage of 1,000 or lower.

When you’re looking for a blow dryer, it’s important to determine what types of heating elements are being used to dry your hair. Metal and plastic elements are liable to singe your hair, which causes flyaways, split ends, and dry strands. You may also experience metal or plastic heating elements that are inconsistent with their heat, which causes problems when you’re attempting to dry your hair in a certain way.

Skip all of that drama by using a blow dryer with ceramic heating elements (like Barbar Ceramic ECO 8000) because the heat is less harmful, safer, is radiant heat, and causes less damage stemming from singeing or scorching your hair. With all of this being said, here is how to properly use all of those attachments that come with a blow dryer!

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