What Is Blush Makeup Used For

You can do a variety of things using blush – make your skin more beautiful, make yourself look younger, “reshape” your face. Without even a slightest amount of blush, your makeup will not be expressive enough.

Let’s “Face It”

You can make your face look shorter or longer, rounder or more delicate. You should only know where to apply blush. Sit in front of the mirror, be careful to have right light. Decide what your face shape is and what you want to achieve, and then… practice.

You will see how quickly you’ll master it.

In order to prolong the face, you have to apply blush on both sides from the temple (beginning from the outer edge of your eye) to the corner of your mouth. You should finish two centimeters above mouth.

If you want your face to look rounder, you should use blush to draw an irregular triangle on both cheeks. Its longest leg should be placed along an ear, and the remaining legs should join in the most raised point of your cheek.

In order to make the face look soft rather than sharp, you should use blush to draw two horizontal rectangles placed from the side of face up to the middle. They have to be applied with a brush in a very precise way next to the jaw line.

If you want your face to seem shorter, you have to emphasize the parts from ears towards the nose. You have to draw wide lines of colour – beginning at the middle of ear, finishing in the centre of cheek.

In order to emphasise this classic shape, draw two small triangles on both cheeks – their shorter legs should lie along ear just under temple, the remaining should join toward the corner of mouth.
pink blush

Match Blush with Skin Color

Blush should go with your skin and hair color.

  • Women of blond and ginger hair with olive complexion should use blush of orange tones.
  • Dark-and auburn-haired women with fair complexion will look perfect in pastel blush, called powdered.
  • When your skin is pale or grey, use salmon, coral and pink blush.
  • Women with wheat blond hair or bright ginger hair and radiant complexion will look nice in peach and golden brown blush.
  • Dark, almost brown skin matches well with plum, fuchsia or chocolate blush.

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