Wake up Your Senses with Makeup

They are better than any aphrodisiacs. These cosmetics can prompt senses and imagination. Here are some steps, which will help you to lead this passionate game with progress.

There is no cream or perfum, which will excite anybody’s desirable artificially. Leave this task to proper pharmaceutical confection. However, it is proper to take advantage operation of some cosmetics. Made specially, in order to stimulate imagination, imperceptibly correct reality, are irrevocable element from woman’s arts – art of seduction.

Watch out! It can be really hot!

1. Dazzling Make Up

Try to maintain discretion. It is definitely better when your appearance will charme him, than if it has knocked him down (you propably remember poor Bridget Jones, don’t even try to explain that she was doing her make-up in a hurry…).
beauty products
Even if you want to look sexy, your make-up should not be extravagant.

What always works?
Majority of stylists is in this case surprisingly consistent:

  • bright and smooth skin,
  • shining mouths,
  • long dark eyelashes.

Innocent girlishness and woman’s sexiness is more forceful than spanish fly or salad from shrimps or avocado. You can look so even, when you follow by heavy and labor day.

Improving complexion bases under cushion, brightening cushion and opalizing powders will substitute work of endorfin temporarily. They will imitate internal brilliance even if for falling in love there is more than one step left. You can underline more definitely this element, which you are more satisfied with. If symetric, full mouths is your sound point and you will decide to draw them with karmin lipstick, be content with it.

You put on expressive “smoky eyes”?
Draw your mouths with colorless glosswear only. Remember, that you’re not waiting for photo session or projection on stage, but sweet tete-a-tete. And by the way, modern devices for make-up make huge capabilities to diversifying on this special moments.

Kit of shades and eyeliners with special brushes (for example Yves Saint Laurent or Guerlain), reminds for illusion array of chinese kaligraf. Exemplar of some star, but without risk related with painful deletion of tattoo, you can inscribe name on your partners shoulder or draw stylized heart. It does not matter, that it will pass away tomorrow. You will be able to make sure is it worth drawing it again.

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