30 Must-Know Beauty Tips for Women


Caring for aging skin is extremely important in regards to fighting off wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. Of course, there are also surgical methods to keep aging skin from being visible; however, these methods leave women looking stiff and ungracefully-aged. Since this is the case, the latest trends revolve around using organic and natural beauty products.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to obtain natural and organic products, but there are household items available to help you age gracefully, while also allowing you to save money in the process.

In addition to organic products, you can promote beauty through a variety of other ways, which we’ll cover in this list of 30 beauty tips for women.

For Skin & Hair

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Sun Damage

It’s pretty difficult to avoid the sun’s rays, but you’ll be better off seeing less of them when possible. After all, the sun causes skin damage, which leads to fine lines and wrinkles that will show up in your later years. And the tanning beds that provide artificial sunlight aren’t much better than the sun, so they should also be avoided. Now that we’ve established this, here are some tips.

  1. It may seem as though sunblock isn’t necessary during the winter, or on overcast days when the weather is cold; but you should still take precautions to protect yourself. The sun will come in contact with your skin as soon as you step foot outside, which means it’s important to stay protected even if you’re only checking the mail. Also, your clothes are not a barrier and do not protect you from the sun, so always apply sunblock over your body.
  2. The sun is strongest between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., so be especially cautious during this time period. Hats can be fashionable, and women have been wearing them for years now to protect themselves from the sun. In short, always remember to wear a hat when you’re outside. Sunglasses also are important, fashionable, and keep wrinkles at bay as long as your glasses block at least 99% of UVA sunlight.

Benefits of Healthy Diet

Your mother has been telling you for years to eat your vegetables, and if you’re not eating them by now, you should seriously consider revisiting her advice. It has been proven that having a healthy diet enhances the health and appearance of your hair, teeth, nails and skin. And not only do vegetables and fruit work from the inside-out, but they can work from the outside-in when you make your own masks and scrubs at home using things found in nature.

  1. Sticking with the food theme, when you’re baking or cooking, add some ingredients that are anti-inflammatory like ginger, cinnamon and turmeric. If you’re wondering why this is important, consider this: when you are exposed to things that trigger inflammation inside your body like air pollution, the body becomes stressed and your systems are strained, which leads to fine lines. But when you ingest foods that are anti-inflammatory, you are lowering the chances of getting fine lines later on. Here are some other food concepts that you can associate with enhanced beauty.
  2. Vitamin C: By eating strawberries, papaya, broccoli, oranges and bell peppers, you’re combating wrinkles and dryness because of the vitamin C that’s found in these foods. Vitamin C smoothes skin, and is able to clean up the free radicals produced from ultraviolet rays. The skin needs vitamin C to produce collagen, which makes the skin less prone to wrinkles. There are cosmetics on the market that offer vitamin C as an ingredient, but eating the vitamin C is a better way to boost your collagen since it’s more natural.
  3. Lycopene: Found in foods like carrots, watermelon and tomatoes, lycopene is a substance that helps to keep your skin smooth. Research has proven that lycopene improves the texture of skin, so you’ll be better off eating garden vegetables and fresh produce to boost your skin’s concentration of lycopene.
  4. Isoflavones: Eat plenty of tofu, soymilk, and edamame for a healthy boost of firming collagen action. It has been proven that people who eat foods with isoflavones have fewer wrinkles from ultraviolet radiation than those who consume foods that don’t have isoflavones. Also, it’s believed that isoflavones help to keep collagen from breaking down.
  5. Omega 3: Tuna, salmon, trout, and sardines are all loaded with omega 3, which keeps your skin looking youthful by preserving the collagen in skin.
  6. Green Tea: When choosing to drink green tea instead of coffee, you’re hydrating your body, boosting your metabolism, and loading up on free radical-neutralizing polyphenols, which have been proven to help prevent cancer.

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