How to Shave… for Sensitive Skin

Shaving is an extremely unpleasant experience for some people. You start shaving, the skin is smooth, and then it turns red, becomes full of rashes. You have got a sensitive skin if these problems are a common occurrence.

People with sensitive skin should take some precautionary steps before and after shaving, so please enjoy our tips for men and women on shaving sensitive skin.

Know About Sensitive Skin

You have got a sensitive skin if fine texture is covered by a thin layer of outer skin. Blood vessels inside the epidermis appear quite close to the surface in such cases. This skin gets irritated very easily upon exposure to heat, cold, commercial products and ultraviolet rays.

You may end up with bumps, dryness, stinging and redness if you are not careful while shaving areas with sensitive skin. A sensitive skin is likely to develop undesirable redness, dehydration and blotchiness due to external or internal changes. Clinical trials conducted by various independent study groups and research organizations suggest that mild and fragrance free shaving products are best suited for the sensitive skin.

11 Useful Tips for Sensitive Skin

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  1. Thoroughly wet your beard before you start shaving:
    Use a little warm water to wet your beard thoroughly. This should be done at least 5 minutes in advance. People with sensitive skin should shave after the shower and not before it. Shaving off wet hair is easier. Your razor blade will cause less skin damage in that case.
  2. Always use a sharp razor blade:
    It is very important to use a sharp razor blade if you have a sensitive skin. Old or used razor blades can cause a lot of pulling and irritation. Your skin will suffer more damages in such cases. Dull razor blades are likely to cause a burning sensation. These blades do not glide smoothly over the skin. They will just chafe the skin as you try to remove the beard.
  3. Do not use common shaving products:
    People with sensitive skin should always buy products that are labeled as “perfume free” or dry free. Chances of an adverse reaction are much less if you use safe products. Commercial products that are especially labeled for sensitive skin have ingredients with lower pH value. Experts recommend products with natural ingredients for people who have sensitive skin. Also, you should look for products that have butyle paraben or methyl paraben as preservatives. In any case, you should avoid products with botanical or antibacterial ingredients. Your skin will be more supple and well hydrated if you moisturize it properly.
  4. Lather up no matter where you are shaving:
    Whether you are shaving your beard, legs or underarms, you must remember to lather properly. You can use a mild soap with low pH or a shaving cream labeled “for sensitive skin”.

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