Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Thousands of men and women struggle with snail-speed hair growth, or hair that just isn’t growing at all. Older men and women especially have difficulty with this problem because of a change in hormone levels that comes with age. Fortunately though, with a variety of lifestyle changes, you can help reduce hair loss and improve the growth of your strands. In some cases, lifestyle changes such as better eating habits and exercising more can have a noticeable effect on hair loss.

But keep in mind that what you’re applying to your locks also plays a big role in determining your hair’s growth. After all, the shampoo and conditioner you use in the shower can hinder hair growth. So be sure that you are keeping your strands strong by using leave-in conditioners in addition to getting regular trims. Using organic and natural products are best because they contain less chemicals than other brands. You’ll be able to find beauty items at your local health food store or online.

Now that we’ve covered some basics, let’s move on to some foods/vitamins that will stimulate your locks, along with some home remedies.

Foods and Vitamins

beautiful healthy hairProtein is a major part of growing your strands because hair is essentially protein; so not getting enough protein in your diet will stunt your hair’s growth. Eat fish, chicken, tofu, beans, and lentils to fix this problem. You can also start incorporating protein shakes into your diet by using whey protein powder.

Eating more citric fruits like oranges and lemons will give your hair and body the vitamin C that is needed for healthy hair growth. Green peppers offer vitamin C too, and there are also supplements if you are a fan of those.

All of the B vitamins are also important for growing strong hair and nails. Taking biotin or a vitamin B complex supplement will benefit you greatly. Use these supplements with food and water for the recommended dosage labeled on the bottle.

If you’re on a wheat or gluten-free diet, you may be experiencing an iron deficiency, which can lead to hair loss. Iron will increase the blood circulation in your scalp, thus enabling hair to get what it needs to grow. If you’re willing to add liver, apricots, raisins, prunes, lentils, and egg yolks to your diet, then you’ll be fine!

Making sure that you drink plenty of water will not only keep your hair hydrated, but also your nails as well. The average amount of water we need is 8 glasses daily; so rather than drinking sodas and fruit juices with meals, drink water instead.

If you’re into partying or drinking regularly, you may want to consider cutting alcoholic drinks out of your diet to improve hair growth. Assuming you’re not comfortable with eliminating alcohol from your diet completely, then at least consider reducing the amount you drink while also incorporating water in between drinks. Similar to drinking too much alcohol, smoking also has negative effects on hair growth because it limits the blood flow to your scalp and other areas of your body. In turn, this stunts hair growth in both men and women alike.

Using vitamin E oil on your scalp and strands can enhance hair growth by stimulating scalp circulation. Taking vitamin E capsules internally will also help keep your hair strong and make it grow. Foods with vitamin A such as kale, carrots, eggs and squash are great for growing strong and shiny hair.

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