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How to Reduce Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Pregnant women experience an abundance of new and exciting things while the baby is in their womb, as well as after giving birth. Going further, most women consider their experience as a pregnant woman to be exciting, beautiful and life-changing. But what they don’t mention are the negative side effects of pregnancy that not only […]

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Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Thousands of men and women struggle with snail-speed hair growth, or hair that just isn’t growing at all. Older men and women especially have difficulty with this problem because of a change in hormone levels that comes with age. Fortunately though, with a variety of lifestyle changes, you can help reduce hair loss and improve […]

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Home Remedies to Prevent or Stop Hair Loss

There are different causes for hair falling. Most of the women experiences lots of hair loss after delivery, and many men go bald in their middle age. Hair loss or baldness can result from heredity, underlying medical condition, or even certain medications. Because of hormonal changes, damage or irritation some hair follicles tends to have […]

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Hair Loss Causes & Solutions

There are many different types of hair problems and these include thinning of hair, alopecia, balding, and hair loss. You don’t have to think that you are alone with this kind of condition as many people from all over the world suffer from these hair loss problems. Many hair experts and authorities manage to find […]