Makeup for Dark Skin

One of the most important aspects to makeup success involves using techniques/products that properly match your skin tone. So if you have a darker complexion, you’ll obviously want to use makeup techniques that work well with your skin type.

This being said, let’s take a look at some important factors with regards to applying makeup on dark skin.

Cool or Warm Undertones?

Beautiful latin womanThe first step in the process of dark skin makeup application involves finding out if you have cool or warm undertones.

A quick tip for figuring out if your skin has cool or warm undertones is this:
hold an orange cloth or piece of paper up next to your face while standing in front of the mirror. Assuming the orange piece of paper makes your skin “glow”, then it has warm undertones.

If you’re still unsure, hold a pink cloth or pink piece of paper up to your face while again standing in the mirror. Assuming your skin brightens with the pink paper next to your face, it has a cool undertone. When you’re standing in front of the rows of cosmetics in the store, you can use this same trick to make buying products a little easier.

Make sure to buy face makeup from the same warm or cool family in a shade that matches your skin tone.

Using Powder on Dark Skin

It’s true that it only takes a small dusting of powder over your face in order to get the job done. But while it may seem like any shade of powder will work no matter what your skin tone is, this notion couldn’t be further from the truth!

Your dark brown skin won’t look healthy or lustrous if it has a layer of powder that was meant for a woman with tan or pale skin. Long story short, avoid being overwhelmed in the makeup shop by reading about makeup and dark skin.

Before applying powder, first apply your concealer and foundation onto clean skin.
You’ll probably have a couple of shades of powder because in the summer, your skin may be darker than it is in the winter. Use a makeup brush to tap or buff the powder onto your face. Powder is great for reducing oil, keeping the oil from building up, and can be used on the areas of skin that see the most oil production.

Before wearing your powder for a night out – or anywhere other than your house for that matter – check the applied powder in natural sunlight outside to be sure that it’s complimenting your complexion and not causing more problems.

If the powder makes your skin look ashy, then it’s too light. Having muddy-looking skin after applying powder comes from using a product that’s too light for your skin tone. Not all cosmetic companies make shades for dark skin, but Cover Girl, Makeup Forever, MAC, and some other drug store brands may be worth a try.

Another tip for finding worthwhile powder is to try it out at the makeup counter and wear it throughout the day. This can help you decide if the product is worth buying or should be skipped. And remember that finding cosmetics for dark skin can be a challenge in itself, but luckily it’s not impossible!

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