Beauty Products to Store in the Fridge

If your bathroom storage is getting cluttered from all of your lotions and other beauty creams, you can always begin storing cosmetics in your refrigerator. You may even be able to make some of your products last longer this way than if you were just to store them in a medicine cabinet.

Additionally, your pores can benefit from having all of your eye serums, creams, toners, and moisturizers in the fridge because cold products help to minimize pore size. The summer months are especially a great time to store your beauty items in the cold comfort of your fridge because not all of us have air conditioners.

Lotions and creams aren’t the only products you can store in the fridge because some makeup items can be kept here too. Lipgloss, toners, foundations, cream eyeshadows, and nail polishes can all be stored in your fridge. Having a designated beauty area in your fridge for your favorite beauty products can actually enhance product performance and lifespan, while also improving your health.

That said, here are some beauty products to store in your fridge as well as some more reasons why you should consider doing this.

nail polish

Nail Polish

You’ll be surprised to know that nail polishes that have been tucked away between the broccoli and milk have a longer lifespan than those on a bedroom or bathroom shelf. Of course, it may seem a little odd storing your nail polishes in the fridge, and could raise some questions like ‘what if it gets sealed shut?’.

Well, you can smear a small amount of petroleum jelly or Vaseline on the neck of the bottle, as well as on the thread inside the cap, before putting the cap back on to relieve this issue. If you collect nail polishes, you may need to find a mini fridge to keep in your bedroom because you’ll still need to eat!

Skin Care

If you’re someone looking for a boost in the morning, storing your skin creams in the fridge is a good idea.

There’s nothing more soothing than applying chilled eye serums and creams on your clean skin. Plus it energizes you in the morning, helps brighten your skin, tightens pores, and allows skin care products to be absorbed into the skin more effectively.

In warm weather, keeping your daily moisturizer in the fridge will cool you down, and the cool sensation can make your skin seem glowy, which is always a good thing!

Don’t omit sunscreens from the selection of products you store in the fridge because these are skin care items too.

If you have sunburn, putting your aloe vera gel in the fridge will help to relieve the pain.

Hand creams that are stored in the fridge can soothe dry and cracked skin instantly, and if you also keep your foot creams in the fridge, you’ll get the same relief.

Perfumes and Body Sprays

Perfumes and body sprays are truly refreshing when you store them in the fridge, but most importantly, they will last longer in the cold refrigerator.

When you spray your body with perfumes and body sprays, it is best to close the refrigerator door because you don’t want to make your food taste like perfume!

Even if you don’t like keeping perfumes in the fridge year-round, storing them in your fridge during the summer is a good idea because they can evaporate more during hot seasons.

Makeup to Keep in the Fridge

Eyeliners, medicated lip balms, liquid foundations, cream eyeshadows, cream blush, and loose powders are all products that can be kept in the fridge.

Also, pencil eyeliners can be tough to sharpen when they’re overheated because they are mushy. So putting them in the fridge will keep the liner from getting mushy or muddy, and will give you more precise lines when applying.

For those prone to cracked and chapped lips, it’s also worth mentioning that medicated lip balms are great to store in the fridge because of the cooling sensation.

How to Store Cosmetics in Refrigerators

When you’re storing cosmetics of any kind in the fridge, you might want to consider putting them into Ziploc Bags or into a container so they don’t get mixed in with other items in the fridge. Plus, this way you can take them out all at once to use them, and return them to the fridge all at the same time as well. This will help remind you to apply everything you need without forgetting a step in your routine because the products are readily available.

If you live with other women, you can easily put your name on the container so that you know whose container is whose, and also to avoid anyone grabbing your products by mistake.

Even if you don’t store makeup and skin care items in the fridge, you might want to store them in Ziploc Bags instead of cosmetic bags. You’ll be able to see exactly what you’re reaching for, and when the baggie gets too dirty or worn out, you can easily replace it.

They’re also great for traveling because the screw caps and pump bottles always seem to make a mess, so it’s better to dirty a disposable bag than it is to wipe and sanitize a cosmetic case.
When it comes to storing makeup, it really comes down to personal preference.

But above all, keep your cosmetics, hair care, skin care, and moisturizers away from humidity, moisture, heat, and sudden changes in temperature. Find a cool, dry place for all of your beauty items to live, and if you can, avoid storing your makeup in the bathroom because there’s a lot of moisture and changes in humidity.

Storing Essential Oils in the Fridge

Aromatherapy essenial oils are a great investment, and they should be stored properly to get the most potential out of them. The way you look after your essential oils will also determine their shelf life, which is important because you wouldn’t want to spend money on these products without getting maximum usage out of the oils.

Essential oils should come in dark, colored glass to filter the sun’s ultra-violet light. The classic bottle color for any type of liquid needing protection from the sun was a dark red or yellow color, but there is more variety these days with dark shades of green, purple and blue.

With that being said, it still isn’t safe for you to store your oils in direct sunlight because this causes the therapeutic abilities to evaporate, and the oil to deteriorate due to a fluctuation in temperature.

The best place to store oils is in a cool and dark place, which once again leads us to the trusty refrigerator.

If your fridge is too cold, some oils will solidify like Rose oil; but when set out at room temperature or held in your hand for a few seconds, they will return back to normal. If storing them in your fridge isn’t an option, store them in a box altogether with a lid, and keep the caps on tight because they have a tendency to evaporate quickly.

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