How to Improve Blood Circulation Naturally

Poor blood circulation is a common problem. More and more people are leading sedentary lives or spend all day at a desk. This can lead to complications from poor blood circulation. Symptoms of poor circulation are swelling in your feet and legs, tingling in your hands and feet, cold hands and feet, low energy and a bluish tinge to your lips and under your fingernails.

Your body can not function properly if it does not have adequate blood flow. It will not get a sufficient amount of oxygen or nutrients to be at its peak. By increasing your circulation you can improve the functions of your internal organs, brighten your skin and have more energy and stamina, so let’s check how to improve your blood circulation naturally.

How to Improve Blood Circulation Naturally

4 Ways to Increase Blood Circulation

Arteries and Veins

Get Up and Move

It is not hard to increase your blood circulation. Exercise and physical activity are two of the easiest and best ways to do it. If you work at a desk, take regular breaks every hour and walk around or stretch for five to ten minutes.

Take a short walk on your lunch hour. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and park your vehicle further away from the building so you can get some extra exercise each morning and afternoon.

All of these tips will not only increase your blood circulation but stimulate your lymphatic system and help to rid your body of toxins.

Regular exercise, at least 30 minutes three times a week, is recommended to increase your stamina and blood flow. Work up to this amount if you haven’t been active so that your body can adjust and you don’t end up getting sore.

Add Some Spiced to Your Life

A delicious way to improve blood circulation is to include certain foods and spices into your diet.

Citrus fruits have an abundant amount of vitamin C which helps to keep your blood flowing and keep plaque from building up in your arteries. It does this with a mild anticoagulant effect. When your blood is thinner it flows in your blood vessels better thereby increasing circulation.

Nuts and seeds contain high amounts of vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to prevent blood clots and strengthens your blood vessels. Eggs, olives and organ meats are also high in vitamin E.

Tomatoes are high in lycopene especially when they are cooked. Lycopene is an antioxidant that helps to prevent free radicals and is present in many red colored foods. Watermelon, pink grapefruit, apricots and persimmons are also high in lycopene.

A tasty way to improve blood circulation is with spices and herbs.

Garlic contains a high amount of antioxidants, helps to prevent plaque build up in your arteries, is a natural antibiotic and was used before the development of modern antibiotics to fight infection. Other foods that have these properties are leeks and radishes. If you’ve ever eaten spicy food you know the flushing sensation hot peppers can give you. This is because they heat up your body and make your blood flow.

Cayenne and turmeric also increase blood circulation. Turmeric also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and is used quite extensively in Indian cuisine. Both cayenne and turmeric are natural blood thinners.

Ginger also has a mild warming action in your body and will improve blood circulation. You may want to check some other health benefits of ginger root.

Hawthorn berries help to regulate your heart rate and strengthen your heart so it can pump more blood.

Ginkgo Biloba not only increases your mental abilities but its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce varicosities and increase circulation.

Improve your blood circulation with these tasty spices and aromatics.

Explore Alternative Medicine

Chinese medicine has been around for many centuries, and the Western medical community is now recognizing the effectiveness of traditional cures.

Chinese medicine also uses cayenne, ginger and ginkgo biloba to increase circulation. Kelp and butcher’s broom are used for their nutritional value and to strengthen blood vessels.

Blue vervain has anti-inflammatory properties and prickly ash bark is used for its stimulating effect. The roots of the white peony flower relax your blood vessels and make it easier for your heart to pump your blood.

Always obtain herbs from a qualified Chinese medicine practitioner. As with any herbal supplements, make sure none of them will contradict any prescription medications you may be taking.

Breathe Deep

Deep breathing exercises increase lung capacity and increase the oxygen in your system. Many people have a habit of breathing very shallow and don’t even realize it. You should use your diaphragm to breathe deeply and your stomach should go up and down as your breathe in and out.

To practice breathing correctly place your hand on your abdomen and breathe in through your nose, then exhale through your mouth. Your hand should go up and down as your breathe.

An increase in oxygen levels in your blood will benefit your entire body and boost your metabolism.

Use these tips to improve blood circulation and increase your overall general health. An increase in circulation will increase the amount of oxygen in your body and help to improve your mental clarity.

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