List of Everyday Purse Essentials : Beauty, Makeup & Other Must-Haves

Every occasion calls for a different purse, so it’s important to know how to organize the items you’ll need for all of these events. Assuming you’re interested in learning more about organizing purses for easy access, we’ve listed some tips on makeup and beauty must-haves to carry to various occasions so that you’re sure to be ready no matter what situation arises.

Getting right into the subject, purse sizes range from a simple and basic clutch to a tote or large purse. The latter is very important when you plan on being away from home for an extended amount of time, which requires more items. But no matter if you’re carrying a large purse or small clutch, here are some beauty and makeup essential items to keep handy for all of the different occasions you’ll be attending throughout the year.
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Beauty & Makeup Must-Have Items

Just a basic list of some useful essential items you might want to keep in your purse. A great starting point when you want to organize, clean or just check if there is something else you might want to add to your purse.

Bobby pins

Keep bobby pins in your purse and car so that you can be ready for quick-fix hair emergencies. They’re small enough to be tucked away in your purse’s compartments, or even inside of your wallet.

You can find decorative bobby pins to bring with you on special occasions like proms, weddings, birthdays, work interviews and/or holiday parties.

You can also keep a few bobby pins in the car so that you’re sure to have one when you are in need.

Neutral shade of lipstick

Lipsticks are great for touching up your makeup after eating. Since most purses don’t have room for a lot of cosmetics, find a flattering shade that’s neutral or nude, and keep it in your purse so you’ve got a shade that flatters in any situation.

Tuck your lipstick in a case for more protection against your lipstick melting in the humidity that accompanies summer.

You can bring more than one lipstick with you at a time by carrying a durable pouch or sunglasses holder that has a magnetic clasp to hold lipsticks, lip liner, lip balm and lip gloss. This is great for those occasions when you’ll be visiting someone all day, or when you know you’ll be away from home for extended periods of time.

Nude or light pink lip gloss

If you’re not a lipstick wearer, then you won’t need to bother carrying a lipstick because it’ll just get in your way and add clutter to your bag.

That said, lip gloss is a great alternative to lipstick because it can moisturize your lips and make them look plump. It’s great for freshening and brightening your face after eating, drinking, or talking for a long period of time.

Nail Care Set

A nail file comes in handy for when you break or chip a nail unexpectedly. Nail clippers are also useful for trimming nails before filing them down. Use a pair of scissors to remove tags from new purchases, and to open difficult packages.

If you don’t want to carry a nail care kit in your purse, you should definitely keep one in your car just to be safe.

Hand sanitizer

Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse for the times when you can’t get to a sink. It comes in handy when you’re shopping in crowded malls, at fairs or visiting parks. You’ll also find yourself using hand sanitizer before dining out because nobody wants to eat with dirty hands!

You may find it helpful to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your car too just in case.

Tissues or sanitizing wipes

Tissues, baby wipes, and/or sanitizing wipes are great to carry for when you encounter unexpected spills, or a bathroom lacking in toilet paper.

Keep your sanitizing products in a separate pouch along with feminine products; this will ensure cleanliness and better organization.

Leave some wipes in your car too so that you can keep your car clean and dust free.

Breath mints or gums

The reason why you should keep a package of breath mints and gum in your purse or car is obvious. After eating, you’ll want to have fresh-smelling breath before returning to work, or whatever other activities you have planned. You may also find it helpful to keep these items in their own pouch or pocket for easy access.

Body Mist or Perfume

Keep some of your favorite scents with you on the go so that you can refresh your scent throughout the day. Be sure to have a cap for your body mists or travel-sized perfume bottles to avoid having them spray inside your purse, thus causing a mess.

But if this does happen, at least you’ll have your wipes and tissues to clean the spill up with!

Hand lotion

If you use sanitizing gels on your hands frequently, your hands may be drying out. So having an unscented bottle of hand cream or lotion in your purse and car can help you hydrate your hands on the go.

Quick trips – What to bring

If you are planning on making a quick trip to the grocery store, to rent a movie, or to mail something at the post office, and know you won’t be gone long, you don’t need to bring all of these items with you. So slip on a small purse that is big enough to carry your wallet, phone, keys and a bottle of hand sanitizer. Since you’re only making a quick trip, there isn’t any need to lug all of the items around in your usual purse.

Night out – Must-haves

Going out with friends? If so, only carry what is absolutely necessary to avoid losing any items, and to prevent getting tired from holding an enormous handbag all night.

All you need is your favorite lip product, blotting papers or pressed powder, wallet, phone and your keys. If you have room in your purse or clutch for a bottle of hand sanitizer and tissue, I’d definitely carry them along as well.

Hopefully, these items help eliminate any of the clutter that might be lurking about inside of your purse. Knowing how to organize your purse is valuable so that you’re not always fumbling around in the dark trying to locate items!

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