Wedding Makeup Tips for Winter

Winter is a beautiful time to get married. Your winter wedding makeup can help you to pull off the right look for your event. Winter time makeup is often the most striking of all times of the year. The skin is paler, naturally, and it looks “off” if the skin is too tanned or dark. Therefore, when it comes to applying makeup to your skin for a wedding, it is important to keep these things in mind.

Tips For True Makeup Beauty

wedding makeup in winter

  1. Start with a quality foundation close to your skin’s natural color. It should only be used as a tool for evening out your skin tone, not adding color. If you want to add some color to your skin, try a lightly tinted moisturizer instead..
  2. Next, focus on just one area of your face your eyes, your cheeks or your lips. In that area, use more depth of color. For example, gold and burgundy tones will really help to offset the lighter tone of your skin. You can focus on blues, as well, but keep it a natural color. When using color, look for colors that match your bridesmaid’s dresses or the flowers in your hands. Just ensure the hues are a slightly more prominent color.
  3. Use several shades on the cheeks and the eyes. For example, layer your eye shadow so that there is a light color underneath, closest to the eyelashes. Try a white here for wintertime. Then, add colors such as burgundy or rose to the top and blend in.

Top quality makeup is necessary. Longwearing products are necessary, too. Do not forget to choose waterproof products whenever it is possible. Winter wedding makeup should be done professionally if it is possible to do so. If not, do invest in high quality products that help you look as amazing as you are.

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