Information About Pear & What to Make With It

Pear is more than just sweet, juicy fruit, it also protect your organism against harmful substances and will be a great source of energy in hot, lazy days.

Pear, gives you energy and feeling of being “full” for longer (after eating a pear, sugar level in blood increases slowly). The best time to eat pear is right after dinner, so fiber which we find in pears can speed up digestion and decrease possibility of colon cancer. All sorts of sweet deserts are great for children and feeding moms or allergic people.

Strength of pears are hidden in polyphenols – they work as filters, protecting your inner system against carcinogenic substances from polluted air or food. Polyphenols also prevent formation of free radicals, responsible for aging effects and free radicals might cause cancer. Scientists believe, that some sorts of polyphenols available in pears can slow down growth of already existing tumours.

Mature pears do not like to be storage, that’s why the best is to buy few at a time. If pear is too hard, they may cause flatulence – not recommended for older people.

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What to make from pears

Here you can find some very easy, quick recipes you can prepare with pears: dried pears, marinated pears and pear compote:

Dried Pears

From peeled pears we will need to take out seeds and surroundings. Cut pears in small pieces and dry them on the sun, from time to time turning them around. For a night, put them in a dry place.

Pear Nutritional Information:

1 pear (180 grams) is:

  • 98 calories
  • source of polyphenols
  • vitamin C – 15%* (* of daily nutrition requirement)
  • fiber – 12%*
  • folic acid – 9%*
  • vitamin E – 7%*

Marinated Pears

We will need 2 kilograms of peeled pears, cut in half. Take seeds out. Cook in a water with citric acid. Put them in jars, add cinnamon, cloves, peppercorns and allspice. Pour marinade to jars made of: 200 grams of brown sugar, 100 ml of vinegar and 2 glass of water. Close jars and pasteurize for 25 minutes.

Pear compote

Place peeled pears in jars. For 1 kilogram of pears cook 1 liter of water with several spoons of brown sugar. Add half stick of vanilla and lemon juice for taste. Pour liquid to jars, close them and pasteurize for 20 minutes.

Bon Apetit!

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