At Home Pedicure

How to Do Pedicure at Home

Before we share step-by-step guide teaching you how to do a pedicure at home for perfect looking toenails and feet, we should discuss “why” you actually should care about the look of your feet. Believe it or not clean and healthy looking feet are a sign of good hygiene. Especially in the hot summer days […]

applying makeup

Makeup Tips for Photography

Makeup for photography is quite different from a woman’s day-to-day makeup because the requirements vary. For everyday makeup use, one needs to cover blemishes, age spots and redness on the skin. Photography requires a little more attention to detail, and should be applied slightly heavier because the camera’s flash or set lighting can wash out […]

applying eye makeup

How to Apply Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is worn to draw attention to your eyes for a dramatic appearance, and can be as simple, or as elaborate as you want it to be. Learning how to apply eye makeup is important for those who want to look professional and stylish on a budget. What’s nice is that you can manipulate […]

pink blush

What Is Blush Makeup Used For

You can do a variety of things using blush – make your skin more beautiful, make yourself look younger, “reshape” your face. Without even a slightest amount of blush, your makeup will not be expressive enough. Let’s “Face It” You can make your face look shorter or longer, rounder or more delicate. You should only […]

Beautiful woman on the beach

Waterproof Makeup for Summer

Summer often comes with the stress of worrying about your makeup washing off in the swimming pool, or smearing because of the heat. Furthermore, you may have anxieties about wearing makeup to the beach because of the aforementioned reasons. Long story short, it’s no fun trying to keep water off of your face while swimming, […]

Beauty secrets from around the world
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Beauty Secrets from Around the World

You don’t need to travel all over the world to find out the best beauty secrets from different countries. Check some DIY beauty recipes that use only natural ingredients and will make your skin & hair look amazing. Want to get soft and smooth skin? Or find out how to get glossy hair? Read this article where we share beauty secrets and tricks women use around the world for decades.

eye shadow

Makeup Tips on Using Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is used to create depth around your eyes, and can even make the eye appear larger than it normally would without eyeshadow. Additionally, you can use eyeshadow as blush, eyeliner, to contour, and to fill in your eyebrows. It’s also worth mentioning that eye shadow can give you a boost of confidence, brighten up […]

Bronzing pearls and brush

How to Apply Bronzer

Since sun exposure is harmful to the skin, it’s no wonder why bronzer has become a staple in every woman’s makeup kit. Unfortunately, not having the right color or shade of bronzer can make you look unnatural and caked-up. That said, it’s common for women to use bronzer that is too dark for their skin […]