What is Pressed Powder

Pressed powder is a useful tool for any makeup bag because it has more than one use and even comes in a variety of formulas like fragrance-free and sensitive skin. You can use pressed powder as a light cover-up for short trips to the grocery store, to hide blemishes, to reduce shine, to control oily patches, and as a finishing powder or concealer.

But despite its numerous benefits, pressed powder isn’t as well known as some makeup products, and sometimes gets confused with pressed foundation (heavier on skin, used to even out skin tone). So to clear the confusion up and learn more about this excellent product, let’s take a closer look at pressed powder.

Find your Shade

Pressed Powder

In order to get the most from pressed powder, it’s important to choose the right shade for your skin tone. If you are only in the market for a product to control shine or set makeup, try using a translucent pressed powder because it has very little to no color/tint. The powders are usually numbered to match liquid foundations, which makes buying the powder and matching your skin tone more convenient. Since the seasons change, it’s necessary to buy more than one shade because your skin will change along with the seasons.

Disguise Oil Everywhere

Since you can blot up oil from your face with pressed powder, you can also use it to mask oily hair. All you need to do is take an applicator and use it to apply a few dabs of powder onto your hair, then use your fingers to work through the strands. Presto! Your hair looks fresh without any effort. This is perfect if you’ve stayed at a friends’ place, are in a hurry, or just had a hard workout. Powder can even be used to remove oil from shoulders, chest, neck, or anywhere else you are feeling oily! Remember to wash your makeup brushes and applicators with baby shampoo once a week to keep them fresh.

Highlight, Shape, Shadow

There are ways to use pressed powder to make certain parts of your face slimmer, like your chin for instance. Use a pressed powder that is darker than your natural tone under the jawline to create an artificial shadow. By doing this, you give your face the appearance of being thinner.

To make your cheekbones stand out, use a slightly darker shade of pressed powder, and apply just below your cheekbones as well as over the hairline. Be sure not to extend the color past the pupil of each eye, and follow your cheekbone for a guideline; blend as necessary. When you use pressed powder, you can skip the blush for a more natural look. Apply the same dark shade you used on the cheeks to the sides of your nose for a skinnier-looking nose

Maintain Your Applicator

You can wash your applicators like a makeup brush but always keep a few extra applicators in your makeup bag in case your applicator gets too ragged and worn. Applicators will absorb oil from your face just like a brush, and if not properly taken care of, you could cause some annoying pimples.

Going back to pressed powder, it can be overwhelming if you’re trying something new, but even if you choose a shade of pressed powder that’s too dark to wear all over, use it to shade your cheekbones and nose. If you get one that is too light, you can use it to highlight or to blot oil on your hair – you win either way!

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