Skin Care Tips

Skin Care

How to Pick a Good Moisturizer

Keeping the skin hydrated is the most important part of your skin care routine after keeping the skin clean. There is a common misconception that those with oily skin don’t need to use moisturizer, but don’t make this mistake. Skin that is not properly hydrated is prone to acne – yes, those with oily skin […]

Beauty secrets from around the world
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Beauty Secrets from Around the World

You don’t need to travel all over the world to find out the best beauty secrets from different countries. Check some DIY beauty recipes that use only natural ingredients and will make your skin & hair look amazing. Want to get soft and smooth skin? Or find out how to get glossy hair? Read this article where we share beauty secrets and tricks women use around the world for decades.

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Skin Care

How to Prevent & Remove Whiteheads

Whiteheads are a form of acne caused by clogged hair follicles, and they appear as the body’s natural way of dealing with bacteria. Dead skin, bacteria and dirt all block hair follicles, making them inflamed and swollen. If the oil isn’t removed, bacteria develop and remain under the dermis. The bacteria then begin to grow, […]

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Skin Care

How to Shave… for Sensitive Skin

Shaving is an extremely unpleasant experience for some people. You start shaving, the skin is smooth, and then it turns red, becomes full of rashes. You have got a sensitive skin if these problems are a common occurrence. People with sensitive skin should take some precautionary steps before and after shaving, so please enjoy our […]

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Skin Care

Habits That Cause Skin Aging

Most people have a good idea about what things they should avoid to keep their body healthy, and their skin looking youthful. However, there could be a few habits you practice daily without a second thought that are causing you to age rapidly. Fortunately, the dreaded problem of premature aging is easily avoided if you […]

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How to Get Glowing Skin in Winter

Skin can become dull, itchy and dry in the winter, which makes you feel less than beautiful. Fortunately, there are a few different things you can do for your skin to keep it nourished during the dry winter months. Of course, this is easier said than done because wintertime brings along harsh winds and dry […]

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Skin Care

How to Get Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads are black or yellowish bumps that appear on the skin, and they’re caused by excess oils that collect in hair follicles. The materials that cause you to develop blackheads are mostly keratin and oil that oxidizes in clogged hair follicles. This form of acne is also refereed to as an “open comedo” and develops […]

Best Homemade Face Masks for Oily Skin
Skin Care

Best Homemade Face Masks for Oily Skin

There are many products on the market for oily skin, however nothing is as good as homemade products. They are cheap, effective and easy to make. This article is all about natural ingredients, you may already have in your kitchen. Here we are sharing some great homemade face masks designed for oily skin in mind. […]

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Skin Care Routine for Your Oily Skin

As some people know, your body produces oil as a way of keeping skin supple and healthy. But when you’re producing more oil (or sebum) than what’s needed, your skin becomes shiny, greasy and thick – plus it looks dull. You might also experience large pores, and find yourself with lots of blackheads, blemishes and […]