Trends in Makeup in Spring 2011

You are probably looking forward to try out some hot makeup trends for the year 2011. A large number of women adore new makeup trends as the spring-summer season knocks on the door. Read on to find detailed information on some hot 2011 spring makeup trends. Makeup augments the overall appearance and appeal of an outfit. So, makeup trends are likely to change with fashion trends in various parts of the world.

If you are cautious of keeping up with the latest fashion styles, you should also try to know about the latest makeup trends. Checking beauty magazines, fashion journals and online magazines dedicated to this niche can help you to gather required information on latest makeup trends. Below you will find a compilation of some of the most popular trends in makeup:

What’s Hot in 2011

Bold Lips and Natural Facial Appearance

Subtle makeup for springRed, hot pink and orange are a few sexy lip colors that you can try in spring 2011. These lip color shades look great in this season. Go for a matte version of red and orange lip color shades and you will definitely make heads turn in a party or social gathering. Try to create a natural appearance as far as the remaining makeup is concerned.

You can make use of foundation to give yourself a stunningly flawless look. Your flawless skin will look awesome with bold lips. Mascara (black colored) can be used to emphasize your eyelashes a bit. During the day time, you can use a white eyeliner pencil. Apply this white eyeliner pencil along the waterline for the daytime. During the evening hours, you should use black eyeliner instead.

Natural Styles

Natural makeup is popular with a large number of women. So, makeup artists continue to make little changes to natural makeup styles as new seasons arrive. Natural makeup styles are likely to receive good response this season as well.

Women can look trendy and sexy without sacrificing their natural beauty by using suitable makeup styles. There is nothing in the world that can top the natural beauty of a woman. Without doing a lot of hard work, you can manage to give yourself a new and exciting look by adapting to natural makeup styles.

Use makeup and concealer to give yourself a flawless look first of all. A tiny tough of blush is enough to define your cheeks for maximum appeal. Let your eyelashes have a little mascara action and avoid applying any lipstick. If needed, you can apply a natural shade of lipstick to enhance the natural appearance.

For some kicks, go for an eye shadow in natural colors. Women of all ages look great in this natural makeup style. It is due to this reason that natural makeup style is so popular among women. This makeup style is especially popular during spring and summer.

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