Hair Trends: Popular Hairstyles in 2011

These hairstyle trends were popular in 2011, they can give different looks with little changes and that’s why they are still popular. A single hairstyle can be used more than once to impress friends and others at a party with a little re-styling.

No matter what sort of hairstyles you currently fancy for yourself, read on to find detailed information on hairstyle trends popular in 2011 that are still trendy today.

2011 Hair Trends You Still Want to Wear

Braided Hairstyle

Double Hair Knot

Double hair knot was a popular hairstyle in the year 2011. It is suitable for women with long hair. In last few years, many hair trends were focused especially on long hair. Hair stylists understand that long hair are effortlessly appealing to everyone and double knot hairstyle can just use this appealing factor in a good way. You can go for double hair knot hairstyle during winters as well as summers.

In the year 2011, quality was an important criterion for the adoption of various hair trends. Embellishment certainly affected fashion trends but not on big scales like previous years. Hair trends that are centered on accessories and other adornments were not as popular as in previous years.

Hair trends with natural appeal were more popular in the year 2011 and double hair knot hairstyle can do just that. Double hair knot is basically an amplification of braided and plaited hairstyles that have been very popular in previous years. The hairstyle usually sits on an area close to the nape of your neck. You can even go for a single knot hairstyle. However, double knots appear more interesting. Also, double knots are tighter and they keep your hairs in place.

Braided Topknot

Popular hair trends in the year 2011 were more dominated by hair styles and not specific haircuts. In last few years, women as well men have shifted their focus towards hair styles from haircuts. The reason behind this shift is quite obvious. A hair style allows you tremendous freedom to re-style quickly and frequently. Who wouldn’t you want to try new hair trends on a regular basis?

Braided topknot was very popular in the year 2011. However, many hair stylists have begun to renovate this hairstyle a bit. In the year of 2011, you may find some interesting fusions of braided topknot and other hair trends. This hairstyle was particularly inspired by catwalks.

Braided topknot has been in a very high demand in the year 2010. It is due to this high demand that hair stylists have been trying hard to make some variations. Thematic variations in braided topknot hairstyle were explained in many fashion magazines. Braided hairstyles have been a popular choice and braided topknot hairstyle was loved and adopted by many others in the year 2011. Braided topknot has many sleek and high versions. You can even go for some messier braided top knots if that suits you well. A single braid with a top knot is not very difficult to achieve. Top knot with double braids can be challenging for anyone. Check out some how-to guides on this style or visit a good hair stylist in your area.

Bird’s Nest Bun

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Bird’s nest burn hairstyle. You might have seen stunning beauties with bird’s nest bun hairstyle in many catwalks. It was in Spring 2010 when this hairstyle first got popular.

In the year 2011, this hairstyle has successfully moved from catwalks to the prestigious red carpet. It is a hairstyle that women choose for some very special events in their life.

One of the most popular hair trends in the year 2011, bird’s nest bun hairstyle first made news during Lanvin spring runway 2010. In 2011, bird’s nest bun hairstyle got more evolved. This hairstyle may come out victoriously at the end of 2011 because it is elegant in its own right. Bird’s nest bun is not going to give you a messy or wispy appearance. However, it will make you look elegant.

A runway hair trend, bird’s nest bun has successfully got itself on the red carpet as well. With some fantastic headbands, bird’s nest bun hairstyle looks even better. It is just one of a few hairstyles in the year 2011 that made use of any kind of embellishments. This hair trend was termed as powderpuff by Caterina DiBiase. In 2011, women were using headbands with this hairstyle in more creative ways.

Waved Bob

Waved Bob returned in the year 2011. Women who already had a waved bob hairstyle could try some interesting variations variations. In the year 2011, waved bob hairstyle had a longer “Bob” and some additional thematic variations. Creating a great appeal with a shoulder length bob is not as easy task as it seems. Many hair stylists recommend variations like glam blow wave in the seventies.

The waved bob hairstyle has mostly emerged because women have a stronger affinity for shoulder cuts. This hair cut allows for sufficient variations for a long period of time. In the year 2011, the bob was a little larger and softer than previous years. Even if you have waist length hair, you can manage to have waved bob hairstyle. Young, as well as mature women, can make use of waved bob hairstyle.

Women, who have had short haircuts in the past and like to have longer hairstyle in near future, should go for waved bob. This hairstyle is just perfect for such women. You can get waved bob hairstyle even without the assistance of a professional hair stylist. However, a professional will always deliver better results.

2011 was quite a while ago however when it comes to hairstyles, it’s great to check what was popular in past years. Trends have a tendency to come back!

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