Makeup Trends for Summer 2012

Summer makeup
With warmer weather also comes more opportunities to go shopping, on vacation, and to social events. Assuming your summer activity will be picking up, you’ll most likely be putting more makeup on before leaving the house. And if this is the case, keep these makeup trends for the summer of 2012 in mind so you look stunning and in-style.

Raccoon eyes

It can be a battle trying to remove eyeliner after a long day, but you don’t need to worry as much about it this summer. That’s because you can make leftover eyeliner work for you the next day by creating “raccoon eyes.” You’ll need a dark shade of eyeshadow, a q-tip, and an eyeshadow brush to make this look work for everyday wear. Use the makeup brush to apply a fresh coat of eyeshadow in navy blue, deep purple or black. Clean up under your eye using either a concealer or makeup remover with the q-tip or cotton wand for precise coverage. Now smudge the eyeshadow on your lower lash line to finish the raccoon eye look.

Be golden with gold leaf

There are a lot of makeup trends that are hard to work into everyday life; gold leaf foil eye shadow is one of them. Plus the term sounds frightening, but it’s actually a really easy technique that can be as bold or tame as you like. You’ll need gold leaf flakes, vaseline, a flat makeup eyeshadow makeup brush, and plenty of patience. To create a dramatic Halloween-type makeup look, apply the gold leaf over your entire eyelid past your eyebrow. For a wearable look, create a dark smokey eye effect, and apply the gold leaf lightly on the outer corners.

Classic red lips

Red lips are a trend that pops up each year, and 2012 is certainly no different. So if you’re looking to avoid bare lips this summer, coat them in a vivid red shade of lipstick. Assuming you’re tired of red, take it in another direction by using warm and golden oranges.

Warm up with golden orange

Orange is making a comeback this season, so try on an orange lipstick to spice up your boring nude or red lips. Matte oranges look great paired with an orange blush on your cheeks to warm your whole face up for summer!

Neon eye shadow and liner

It’s all about neon colors this summer! You’ll see neon tank tops, toenails, fingernails, headbands and shoes, so you might as well add your eyelid color to this list. Use a yellow, pink, green, or orange neon shadow on your lids, and use a black or navy blue eyeliner along your lash line. Another neon trend is to use a nude eyeshadow on your lid in combination with neon eyeliner like turquoise. If these colors are too bright, try a light purple; it still works the trend in a more subtle way.

Thick eyelashes

With all of the neon eye shadows and liners going on, your lashes can be left in the dust, which is why having a good and thick mascara is another one of summer’s biggest trends. Use volumizing mascara for those bold lashes and apply a couple coats so that you’re sure to get the full effect.

Soft eyes

Try the soft-eye trend out to see if you like it. Use a tinted moisturizer or foundation that is flawlessly blended; this will draw the attention to your eyes. Additionally, use soft pastel colors of eye shadow and light strokes of mascara. Lavender, silver, or light blue are all great choices of eye shadows to try the soft eyes trend.

Naturally neutral

Even with the colorful makeup trends showing up in the summer of 2012, you’ll want to have a day or two where you leave the bold colors in your makeup bag. One type of makeup that never goes out of style is the natural look. For many people, it’s the most flattering and easiest to achieve because it takes so little time and product. Apply your foundation and concealer or tinted moisturizer – be sure to blend well – and finish by using a neutral eye look in combination with a neutral lip color. Softly define your eyebrows and use a light, rose-colored blush and lip gloss.

The most important thing to keep in mind here is that the summer of 2012 should be about having fun experimenting with your makeup. The previously discussed trends are just ideas that should inspire you to create your own makeup look.

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