The Influence of Sun & Other Factors on Hair

The popularity of sunbathing cosmetics is getting higher and higher. This means that we have become much more aware of the negative results of sunbathing for our skin. And what about the negative influence of UV on our hair? This issue is still taken a bit too lightly and it shouldn’t be so. Sunbathing has got a very bad influence on our hair. It is good to be aware of that, especially that it is easy to protect yourself against negative results of sunbathing. Destructive effect of UV concerns especially such hair which was previously damaged by hair styling, for example: dying, peroxiding or permanent etc.

You need to remember, though, that there are several other factors which have got a great impact on the general condition of our hair.

suntanningFactors That impact the Condition of Hair:

  • The bad influence of the environment, like air pollution.
  • Heat. Drying hair with a hair dryer or using other heated hair utensils for styling, as well as sunbathing, all that can damage hair cuticle and cause evaporation of water. Hairs become dry and brittle and loose gloss. The appropriate hair conditioner may protect them from low or medium level of heat (e.g. from a hair dryer). However, if it is possible, we should allow our hair to dry in the air. We should also have our hair be cut by a professional to make it look the best, with almost no influence on our own account. This piece of advice is connected with the following.
  • Mechanical friction is caused by using a brush or a comb (even if they are the good ones). Salt in our hair after swimming in the sea, rubbing our head on a pillow while sleeping, using rubber bands all these cause damage or loss to our hair. Such damage has particularly to do with wet hair because then it is more susceptible to stretching and breaking.
  • Chlorine which is in water also damages hair. It destroys not only hair’s structure and colour but also makes a hair follicle weaker. That is why every sportsperson uses specific protective preparations for his/her hair.
  • Unbalanced diet, loosing weight, may lead to hair loss, brittleness and shine loss of hair. Diet components which are important for building the proper structure of a hair are: amino acids with sulphur (L-cystein mainly) and basic, i.e. indispensable, fatty acids. These are recommended in the hair treatment for general improvement of hair condition.
  • Hormonal tablets or substitute hormonal therapy.
  • Diseases
  • Medication

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