How to Control Your Appetite So You Can Finally Lose Weight

Controlling hunger is one of the biggest challenges you face when dieting to lose weight. And food cravings can be very difficult to control, with a lot of people eventually giving in to their body, which forces them to gain more weight.

So if you’re looking to curb hunger successfully, read the following tricks and tips to better yourself and lose weight.

You’ll be surprised as to how easy and basic these tricks are and how they help control appetite!

Healthy Tips to Curb Your Hunger

How to Suppress Your Appetite

To Keep the Body in Good Health is a duty... Buddha quote
There are many ways to control your hunger, we believe instead of using appetite suppressant pills it’s better to try simple and natural methods listed here to control appetite.

Value of Vegetables

Vegetables offer a fare share of fiber, which is known for warding off hunger for long periods of time. The fiber found in vegetables will not only keep your system regular and make you full, but it’s also low in calories, which is ideal for weight loss.


Keep sugar snap peas, carrots, and celery around so you can snack on healthy foods – as opposed to filling up on chips and crackers that offer little-to-no nutritional value.

Salads are also good sources of fiber and are great to eat before meals to ensure you have the right nutrients going into your body.

Move your Body

At the first sight of hunger, try taking a brisk walk before you prepare a snack if you’re thinking of suppressing your hunger.

Keep your body moving for 10 minutes to dispatch feelings of hunger. Also, make the walk short and keep your pace brisk without jogging. When you first begin working out regularly, you will experience changes in appetite, finding it more suppress according to the intensity of your workout, which may cause hunger cravings to sharply decrease.

The best way to use exercise as a hunger fix is to take yourself out for a brisk 10-minute walk. This moderate intensity exercise will be just enough to increase blood circulation throughout your body and keep your hunger at bay. When the walk is completed, you may notice that your hunger has subsided, but your energy has increased.

Check some great exercises to help you with weight loss.

Shift Your Caloric Intake

Breakfast is an important part of staying full throughout the day, and it keeps you from waiting until lunch to fuel your body.

By eating breakfast every day, you may eat at least 5% fewer calories than if you skipped breakfast. That adds up to about 100 calories when you’re eating 2,000 calories a day.

Furthermore, this adds up to 10 pounds in one year, depending on the individual.

The average person will consume 20% of their calories at breakfast, 30% at lunch, and 50% at dinner.

Of course, this is easier said than done for those who struggle to eat a large breakfast; so in this case, you should add a snack or two before lunch.

Warm Drinks

Hot or warm beverages are known for making you feel full; but not all hot drinks are ideal for this tip.

Coffee is not the best choice since it increases the amount of insulin, cortisol and hormones, which all increase hunger. With this being said, tea is the better choice if you want to suppress your hunger.

Increase Water Intake

If you eat foods high in sodium, or are on a low carb diet, it is important to drink plenty of water. In many cases, hunger is often mistaken for thirst, so it’s suggested that you drink a glass of water before or during each meal.

Water will curb hunger, make you feel full, and by not drinking sodas or other sugary drinks, you will feel more energized throughout the day.

Eat Raw Fruit

Eating raw fruit during meals will keep you full longer by keeping the amount of fructose in your liver at a reasonable level. Once your fructose levels get too low, this organ sends messages to your brain that ignites the feeling of being hungry.

Be sure to keep your fruit servings to one serving size, and beware of eating too much since it can raise your fructose levels, which causes sugars in your body to turn into fat.

Eat Enough Fiber

Fiber is the best carbohydrate for your body, and it will keep your body full longer by increasing the amount of time it takes to digest food. These carbohydrates also keep your blood sugar levels stable so that the cravings for fats and sugars are subsided.

Foods that will provide you with fiber are whole grains, vegetables with skin, fruits and lentils.

Foods that should be avoided are white rice, white pasta noodles, sugars, and white bread since these forms of carbohydrates cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate; this, in turn, causes the desire to eat more.

Healthy Fats

When you’re between meals and are in the mood for a salty snack, eat nuts like almonds instead of potato chips or crackers.

Almonds are a high nutrient snack that contains fiber and unsaturated fat; together these keep your hunger at a minimum. You can eat a handful of almonds daily for 365 days to slim your waist by 10-14% in one year.

Other nuts also give you a daily dose of healthy fats such as peanuts, pistachios and walnuts. You can also try eating nut butters – assuming they are all-natural with no hydrogenated oils, sugars or additives.

Add Protein

Foods rich in protein will help you feel full longer giving you a chance to control your hunger for longer – even longer than carbohydrates.

Another positive part of adding protein to your diet is that your body will use up more calories digesting the proteins, which may cause your calorie intake to decrease.

It’s worth noting that extra dressings or dips you may want with high protein foods will add to your carb and sugar intake.

The best sources of protein to curb your appetite are cottage cheese, fish, chicken breast, egg whites and turkey.


A natural hunger suppressant called cholecystokinin can be found in beans, which makes this a great side dish for your lunch and dinner meals.

Beans have the ability to keep your blood sugar at a normal level without fluctuating, which keeps hunger at bay. One more reason to eat more beans is that they can lower your cholesterol to keep your heart healthy.

The best way to change up your routine in order to stay full longer is to simply change one habit at a time. You won’t have much success if you try to do all of these things in one day because it will be too different from your daily routine.

The best thing to do is to trade one bad habit for a good habit; with this in mind, you will be able to keep hunger in check while you lose weight.

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Healthy Weight Loss Tips: How to Control Your Appetite

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