Self-Tanning Tips: How to Apply Self-Tanner for a Perfect Fake Tan

If you are about to use self-tanner for the first time, or you have already tried it but the effect was not even close to desired – this article is for you. Here, You will find information on choosing, properly using and some extra tips, all about self-tanners and creating a beautiful fake tan. Have a good read!

What You Need to Know About Self-Tanners

How to Choose the Best Self-Tanner?

You need two separate types of self-tanner: one for the face and one for the rest of the body.

The skin on our thighs and calves is more difficult to tan that’s why it needs a stronger coloring substance. Ladies with fair complexion should be extremely careful with this sort of cosmetic. Choose a lighter shade and you will avoid dark overcoloring. Fortunately, the majority of the cosmetic brands have got a good variety of shades.

tanned legs

The cosmetics available on our market could be in cream, gel, spray or mousse. Mousses and sprays are usually faster absorbed that’s why I would recommend them to more experienced people. You must choose a cosmetic appropriate for your type of complexion.

For oily skin sprays and mousses would be suitable as they aren’t sticky, and for the dry skin one cream would the best choice as it has more moisturizing components.

Applying self-tanner for the first time, or if you aren’t skilful at it you should rather use a cosmetic of a contrastive color (green, blue etc.). In this way, you’ll avoid having untanned spots.

How to Prepare the Body for Self-Tanner Application?

A day before application depilate your legs, arms and groins thoroughly.

It’s impossible to apply the cosmetic properly on hair. Scrub your face and the whole body (especially knees, elbows, and heels) to remove the callus. Otherwise, these places may become darker.

Next, use some body lotion or olive (for very dry skin) and wait until its absorbed.

How to Apply Self Tanner to Legs and Body?

First of all, you need to be patient and careful.

Always start with legs and gradually go upwards. You will need help with you back.

Never put the cream straight over the skin (except for the spray) but spread it in your hands first. Use disposable gloves or often wash your hands with soap to avoid staining or dying them.

You can rub some body lotion into the knees, ankles, heels, elbows and between the fingers before applying the self-tanner. Alternatively, you can omit these places and then, apply some self-tanner mixed half and half with body lotion. You must be extremely careful with how much self-tanner you use in knee pits and forearms (inside) as the skin is usually much lighter there.

How to Apply Self Tanner on Your Face?

If you buy a separate self-tanner for the face and separate for the body make sure they are the same make to avoid inconsistency in shades and colors.

Protect your eyebrows and hair at its roots with some Vaseline or heavy cream so as not to dye them red.

First, put the self-tanner over your palms and slowly, with circular movements rub it into your face. Never apply the cream over the eyelids, but don’t forget about the chin and the neck. Use a tiny amount of the cosmetic to rub into the skin around your mouth and behind your ears.

Be patient.

Let the cosmetic be absorbed. It will take about 15 min. Watch your clothes. It will be safe not to wear anything tight or bright for at least an hour.

How to Preserve Fake Tan?

Moisturize your body twice a day as self-tanners might leave your skin a bit dry.

After three days you should apply the cosmetic again otherwise the color would fade and overcoloring may appear.

Once again cover the body with a thin layer of a self-tanner. A week after the first application scrub the face and body thoroughly and apply the cosmetic in the same way as for the first time.

Remember! You can’t apply the cosmetic on and on without scrubbing the body.

How to Fix Small Self-Tanning Mistakes?

Pale streaks and stains may sometimes come out, especially if you are inexperienced in self-tanner application. They are also likely to appear on the knees, heels etc. where the skin is thicker. You can wash them with oxygenated water, nail varnish diluted in water or lemon juice to light them up. In addition, you can scrub knees and elbows.

Pale stains or streaks are places that haven’t been covered with the cosmetic. You can apply some self-tanner mixed with body lotion over them.

Stained hands or nails can be also washed with oxygenated water or lemon juice but washing hair would be the best option. Detergents in the shampoo will help remove the stains.

Hopefully, shared self-tanning tips will help you achieve your dream tan. Don’t forget to share this article and pin it for later use!

How to Apply Self-Tanner

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