How to Bleach Hair at Home with Benzoyl Peroxide


You want new, lighter hair color, that’s great, but before we get into anything about bleaching your locks with hydrogen peroxide, making sure that new color turns out great, you first need to consider the risks. Besides having a completely different color, your hair becomes more brittle, shine-less, and extremely damaged if the process is repeated too often. Before we go to step-by-step guide on how to bleach your hair with hydrogen peroxide, let’s talk about some basics.

It’s important to mention that your new, bleached look will require a new routine to avoid damaging the hair fibers more.

How to Bleach Your Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide

Now that we’ve covered the risks, let’s continue on with how to properly bleach your hair.


beautiful woman with bleached hairThere are a few chemical solutions used during the bleaching process, with the most effective being hydrogen peroxide. When you apply hydrogen peroxide, oxygen combines with the hair pigments, and creates a chemical reaction that lightens the melanin pigment’s natural color. Bleaching also helps lift the cuticle scales making hair more porous, thus causing it to be more likely to hold new color or tint. Before the application of a permanent color, bleaching is typically performed to enhance the lightening of hair and it’s just one of the methods used to lighten your hair color. The bleaching process is also used after applying dye to remove or lighten hair tint.

The safest way to achieve a bleached hairstyle is to pay a professional to do it for you – however, it can be devastating to your pocket book. On the other hand, you won’t get good results from using a box of blonde dye, and at best, you’ll end up with an orange look. If you have black or dark brown hair, you’ll need to bleach it, color it, and then use the proper products to maintain the color and health of your strands.

With the basics out of the way, here is a guide to help you use hydrogen peroxide to bleach and get new, much lighter color.

You will need these items before you begin the process:

  • Old towel
  • An old t-shirt that you don’t care about
  • Shower cap or plastic bag
  • Rubber gloves
  • A timer
  • Spray bottle
  • Hydrogen peroxide in 3% solution

It’s important to do a strand test before bleaching all of your hair to avoid serious skin reactions. Also, you can purchase hydrogen peroxide in a 3% mixed solution in most department stores, as well as at beauty supply stores.

Now let’s move on to the steps for actually bleaching your locks.


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