Benefits Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Brings

Sleep aid

As is commonly seen in other essential oils, Ylang Ylang is said to treat the dreaded insomnia. When a person inhales it, he/she may feel a bit drowsy and sleep better at night.


Many historic connotations depict this oil as an excellent aphrodisiac. Event today, many people in Indonesia and other South Pacific countries use it for arousal purposes.

How to Use It

Depending on what benefits you want from Ylang Ylang essential oil, the method in which you use this product will differ.

For example, if you want the aromatherapy benefits of Ylang Ylang, you can fill up the bath tub, put a couple of Ylang Ylang essential oil drops in the water, and soak in it. Likewise, you can also put a drop or two on candle wax, then start burning the candle (don’t put the oil right on the wick though because this could cause a fire).

Interestingly enough, you can also add this product to massage oil or lotion, then rub it into your skin. This method works nicely for people who are looking to balance their skin type, sooth nerves, and help lower blood pressure (over time).

Those hoping to use it to repair split ends should put a drop or two onto their hair brush; once you comb from root to tip, the oil will get to the ends. Also, if you want to condition your hair or possibly promote hair growth with Ylang Ylang, you can add a couple of drops to your shampoo and/or other hair products.

Available Grades

All essential oils differ in quality, but this on has an especially large disparity from top to bottom. As you might’ve guessed, the higher the quality, the more Ylang Ylang essential oil benefits you’ll be getting. Manufacturers use grades to determine the quality of the specific product, and here is a look at those grades:

Grade III: Consumers who want Ylang Ylang with a powerful scent can purchase the cost-efficient third grade. Most people who buy cheaper oil like this, put it in candles or lotions.

Grade II: This grade offers a slightly higher quality than the third grade, but costs a little bit more too. Rather than letting the oil distill all day, the Ylang Ylang is extracted within three hours in the second grade.

Grade I: While first grade Ylang Ylang essential oils come at a higher price, they’re also affordable for people who want a higher quality product. You can expect much better aromatherapy and skin benefits with the first grade.

Complete Grade: The complete grade offers yet another high quality oil, and it includes all three of the aforementioned grades. This is a good choice for people who want a powerful aroma like in Grade III, but a better product like with Grade I.

Extra Grade: Some of the best Ylang Ylang essential oil is Extra Grade, which is a term for oil that’s distilled for just one hour. People love how floral the Extra Grade Ylang Ylang smells, and it offers excellent benefits to those who use it. Just be warned ahead of time though that you’ll be paying for the better quality as well.

In any case, you should experience a wide array of advantages no matter what grade you use.

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