How to Take Care of Long Hair

Knowing secrets on taking care of long hair can help you maintain a healthy head of hair and the advice can help you grow hair longer.

The first step is to determine your hair type to be able to properly choose hair care products and hair care routine for your specific needs but also find the cause of our current hair condition.

Weak and brittle hair?

Hair care products for weak and brittle hair can help promote hair growth while protecting the follicles. However, it also helps to keep hair clean and healthy without using too many styling products that have hair drying effect. Dry hair are easier to damage and break.

5 Important Do’s & Dont’s

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  1. Don’t wash every day. Allow the natural oils on the scalp to condition the hair naturally. Too much washing can make hair dry.
  2. Keep styling to a minimum. This means combing and brushing as little as possible in order to keep hair strong.
  3. Use styling products that add moisture and avoid ones that use alcohol.
  4. Dry hair on a cool setting when using a hair dryer.
  5. Do not use traditional metal curling irons or flat irons on weak and brittle hair.

Thick or black hair?

Thick, coarse hair can be challenging to keep long. The best approach to protecting this type of hair is to wear it up in a “protective do” whenever you can. Hairstyles that protect the follicles typically hide the ends. Read about hairstyle ideas for long hair and consider some of the following styles:

  • Classic bun
  • Twists
  • Head wraps
  • Scarves
  • Hats
  • Any style that prevents hair from rubbing against clothes

It isn’t advisable to wear hair up constantly, or when it is soaking wet, but the styles can prevent breakage when you are going to be active.

Don’t forget to…

Use a comb to brush conditioner through your hair before rinsing. This helps the hair absorb all of the moisture evenly.

If in time you find that long hair isn’t for you, keep in mind that it is a great option to donate the hair to a worthy cause like Locks for Love rather than simply cutting it off.

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