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Beauty Products to Store in the Fridge

If your bathroom storage is getting cluttered from all of your lotions and other beauty creams, you can always begin storing cosmetics in your refrigerator. You may even be able to make some of your products last longer this way than if you were just to store them in a medicine cabinet. Additionally, your pores […]

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Hair Stuff

Are You Using Wrong Hair Shampoo?

Using the wrong shampoo is an issue that nearly everyone deals with – though they may not be aware of the problem. And with so many different shampoos available, it isn’t hard to grab the wrong one off the shelf. You may even fall victim to misleading advertisements or fancy labels. But don’t be discouraged […]

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What You Need to Know About Foundation Primers

Foundation primer is an important part of many women’s makeup regimen for multiple reasons. And while it may seem like foundation primer is just another way for cosmetic companies to push their products to make even more money, this is simply not the case. They do a number of things like smooth skin for easy […]

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What Is Blush Makeup Used For

You can do a variety of things using blush – make your skin more beautiful, make yourself look younger, “reshape” your face. Without even a slightest amount of blush, your makeup will not be expressive enough. Let’s “Face It” You can make your face look shorter or longer, rounder or more delicate. You should only […]

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Foundation for Mature Skin

When you hear the term “mature skin” do you know what it really means? It means skin that is less elastic, less hydrated, and looser. It supports spots, lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. This is a normal occurrence and a result of life lived. Mature skin is physiologically different from a young skin, and should […]

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How to Pick a Good Moisturizer

Keeping the skin hydrated is the most important part of your skin care routine after keeping the skin clean. There is a common misconception that those with oily skin don’t need to use moisturizer, but don’t make this mistake. Skin that is not properly hydrated is prone to acne – yes, those with oily skin […]

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Makeup Tips on Using Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is used to create depth around your eyes, and can even make the eye appear larger than it normally would without eyeshadow. Additionally, you can use eyeshadow as blush, eyeliner, to contour, and to fill in your eyebrows. It’s also worth mentioning that eye shadow can give you a boost of confidence, brighten up […]

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Must Have Beauty Items in Purse & Car

Every occasion calls for a different purse, so it’s important to know how to organize the items you’ll need for all of these events. Assuming you’re interested in learning more about organizing purses for easy access, we’ve listed some tips on what to carry to various occasions so that you’re sure to be ready no […]


Shelf Life of Cosmetics

Cosmetics aren’t meant to last forever, but some products might seem like it because they’re sold in bulk or in giant packages. And if you like to buy makeup in bulk and/or try out new products on a regular basis like me, then your cosmetics collection really starts to build up. Eventually, you could have […]

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Beauty Products Worth Buying

If you’re unfamiliar with cosmetics or other beauty products, things can get confusing fast because there are so many of the same products out there – but with different prices. And if you’re not careful, you could splurge on an item that works half as well as a less expensive product just because you followed […]