Some of Many Negative Effects of Smoking Cigarettes

Looking beautifully, young and attractive, having a healthy complexion is essential for almost every woman. We are constantly looking for and testing new cosmetics and if it was possible we would spend enormous amounts of money to improve the way we look, to have ideal skin and complexion.

What difference does it make, however, if many of these women still smoke cigarettes?

If you smoke, all the beautifying treatments you spend so much time and money on, have little or no effect at all.

None of the treatments are able to cure the damage which is caused by smoking. If we choose smoking, we choose action which is contradictory to our efforts aiming at remaining healthy, young and beautiful for a long time.

From the outside, we try to supply our skin with the best nutritional components while at the same time we destroy the skin’s texture from the inside by smoking cigarettes. It is not possible to find good resolution to our skin problems if we concentrate on fighting the harmful effects without removing the negative cause first.
Skin on earth
Cosmetics have influence on the outer parts of skin mainly and their active components cannot reach the deepest layers of inner skin where the most serious damage caused by smoking takes place. In consequence, the negative effects of this damage can be seen on the outside of skin.

I am aware, of course, that after reading my article it hardly probable that many people decide to quit smoking immediately and the aim of my article is not to preach my readers, either. I only would like to make fully aware of the true consequences of smoking all these young women who decide to smoke cigarettes. It has been told and written so much in different media about bad influence of smoking on human health that there is no need to repeat these thing once more. I am interested mainly in giving the basic facts concerning the influence of smoking on appearance and functioning of our skin.

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