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Do you know the golden rule of most makeup artists? It says… “less is more”. What does it mean when we talk about makeup? If you use blush, fluid, lipstick and powder sparingly, the final effect will be much more natural and… much better looking!

Here they come, 4 essential tips for light-office makeup for a businesswoman.

4 essential tips for office makeup

Smooth Complexion

Apply fluid only where it’s needed, like: forehead, chin and nose.
Remember! Makeup often requires touchups, if you have dry or normal skin type, apply powder sparingly in the middle of the day.

If you have oily skin, mattify your complexion with tissue, cause you don’t want your makeup look like a mask.

Eyelashes Gently Covered

Eyelashes, the essence of office makeup. Covering eyelashes with mascara, doesn’t require special skills, it “opens” your eyes and refreshes your look. You should try mascaras in toned colors: brown, gray, graphite and black.

Cheeks Touched with Blush

Cheek bones should be accented with light-brown blush, watch out for copper-like colors though! If used inappropriately, might make you look older than you really are. If you have skin capillaries, do not use pinky tone blushes, unless you really want to accentuate your skin problem, and I believe that’s not the case!

Lips with Natural Shine

Brown lip gloss! That’s what you want. If you don’t have it you may try traditional beige or pink lipstick. Be careful with lip gloss that have vinyl or shiny effect. They are simply too sexy for the office… just save them for evening!

Here they are! Our 4 quick, essential tips for light, yet beautiful looking office makeup. Remember, less is more!

4 essential tips for office makeup

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