Beauty Tips for Itchy Skin in Winter

Everyone needs to learn how to fight winter’s skin itch. Ignoring the problem of dry flaky skin does not make it go away. In fact, leaving skin defenceless against the dry cold air of winter can result in severe skin problems, because the skin is the first barrier against bacteria and virus invasions. When skin gets too dry, it becomes itchy which makes scratching feel good, but only temporarily. Scratch long and hard enough and the skin is damaged even further.

There are many cases where people scratch so hard trying to find the relief they cause welts or even bleeding. This is a sign the outer layer of skin has almost no moisture in it.

Fighting winter’s dry itchy skin requires preparing to do battle against the cold, wind and low humidity. It means taking up arms against the very things that bombard your body through the winter months. You can create a fortress which prevents winter skin itch.

7 Skin Care Tips for Dry & Itchy Skin

  • Image of woman wearing tuque and glovesDon’t shower or bath in excessively hot water,
  • Don’t shower or bath for longer than 15 minutes,
  • Apply moisturizer immediately after the shower or bath,
  • Use a heavy moisturizer that’s oil and cream based to prevent moisture evaporation through the skin,
  • Apply moisturizer twice a day if necessary,
  • Avoid products containing alcohol,
  • Soak in herbal bath up to 15 minutes which contains skin coating oils to restore skin moisture.

Just like in any battle, you cannot let your defenses down for a moment. If it’s windy outside, wear enough protective clothing to shield the skin. You should never go outside in the winter without moisturizer. Also, moisturize your entire body using a facial moisturizer specifically designed for facial skin.

If you faithfully moisturize your skin every day, winter skin itch should not be a problem. You can learn how to fight winter’s skin itch simply by taking up your moisturizer “arms” and applying the moisturizer as your “armor” against the damaging effects of winter weather. This is a fight you can win!

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