Patchouli Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

How to Use Patchouli Oil

Those who are interested in using the oil should know that there are a variety of methods for using it. But as with any essential oils, you should exercise caution and/or consult an aromatherapy expert before using Patchouli oil.

Anyways, if you’re interested in relaxing your nerves, becoming more alert, or treating a cold, you can put Patchouli oil on a tissue or paper towel, and inhale it directly. If you’re uncomfortable with directly inhaling Patchouli oil, another inhalation method for Patchouli is putting it in a humidifier. Since Patchouli oil is a base note, it could take a while for either method to kick in.

Assuming you’re after the beautifying effects of Patchouli oil, you can apply it to your skin in a few different methods (depending on your goal). If you’ve got oily skin, combine 2 drops of Patchouli essential oil with 2 tbsp. of cold water, and rinse your face with the mixture. You should start to see immediate effects just by doing this once or twice a day.

Those who want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on their face can add some Patchouli oil into wrinkle cream to give it an extra punch; the next step is to massage the cream into your skin once a day to rejuvenate your face. If your goal is to have younger-looking skin all over, you can put 10-15 drops of Patchouli oil into a tub full of warm water. This not only helps your body’s skin, but it also soothes your mind as well!

How to Buy

If you’re going to buy Patchouli essential oil, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting top-quality merchandise. After all, stores do sell chemical-based products under the false pretense that it’s Patchouli oil. In some cases, the “Patchouli” oil doesn’t have any Patchouli whatsoever! Now this isn’t to scare you away from buying it; it’s just to make you aware.

As you should do anytime, make sure that there is no label exclaiming the product is “aromatherapy grade” because this is a warning sign. After all, there’s no central governing body that grades products due to their aromatherapy value, and gives a seal of approval.

The price of Patchouli oil varies depending on the quality and brand, but you can normally get this product for $15-$20 (depending on the quantity). So if somebody tries to dupe you with offers of aromatherapy grade oil for $100 a bottle, you know there’s something up.

The easiest place to find it is at online retailers, though you can also find it at land-based stores too. Assuming that you opt for an online store, make sure it’s a trusted supplier so that you get a good product. If you take all of this into consideration before buying Patchouli oil, you should have no trouble getting one of the best essential oils on the market!

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