Closer Look on Essential Oil of Sandalwood

Muscular relief

It is very helpful in relieving muscle soreness and even muscle spasms. All you need to do is add a little of Sandalwood to your massage oils, and start rubbing it in.


Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this oil is that it’s commonly used in religious ceremonies. This is especially true in certain Asian cultures where essential oil of Sandalwood is used to help people meditate, focus on prayers and anoint deities.

Respiratory aid

One more big benefit of Sandalwood oil worth mentioning is its respiratory advantages. By inhaling Sandalwood, people can potentially rid coughs, bronchitis and laryngitis.

How to Use

As we’ve alluded to above, one popular way to use Sandalwood essential oil is by mixing it with lotion and skin cream. This is especially effective for those who want the beauty and/or muscle relief perks of Sandalwood. A couple of drops mixed in with your lotion should be enough to get some nice benefits out of the oil.

In regards to the aromatherapy advantages of Sandalwood, one of the easiest ways to do this is by filling up a bath tub, and putting several drops of essential oil into your warm water. Once you’ve got the aromatherapy bath ready, you can soak for a while to receive the respiratory and cardiovascular benefits of this oil. Assuming you do take one of these baths, make sure it’s close to bedtime because aromatherapy with essential oils often leads to drowsiness.

Finally, some people recommend ingesting it in order to get extra benefits for the digestive system and internal organs. And while Sandalwood isn’t considered one of the more dangerous oils when ingested, you should always be cautious when taking oils in this manner. In order to be safe, it’s best not to ingest it without the help of a doctor.

Buying the Oil

Anybody who chooses to buy it, will often be faced with the issue of deciding what quality of Sandalwood to buy. After all, it comes in variety of grades, and each grade indicates what quality of product you’re getting.

For example, people who are only looking to spend a small amount on Sandalwood oil that offer a strong aroma and a few health benefits can purchase low-priced commercial oil. However, people who want high quality Sandalwood complete with the top benefits will need to look for the highest grade products. Basically, the decision comes down to whether you want to use the purest possible extract, or the more common and cheaper Sandalwood.

In most cases, you will be fine with purchasing the commercial grade, and this will offer you plenty of pleasant benefits. However, if your pockets are a little deeper, and you can afford to get the high grade pure Sandalwood essential oil, it’s worth a try. Just keep in mind that these are also rare, so you’d be smart to preserve them by using the product sparingly.

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