Neroli Essential Oil: Uses & Benefits

Neroli oils have a rich history of use that began when Anne Marie Orsini, a 17th century princess from Nerola, Italy, used Neroli as a perfume and body wash. Little did Orsini know, Neroli would go on to become one of the most popular essential oils due to its ability to alleviate headaches, treat depression and rejuvenate skin.

Incredibly, these aren’t even half of the benefits since there are numerous other perks to using Neroli.

Here is a look at some of the other benefits, along with the basics of this product.

The Basics

neroli essential oil
Neroli is certainly one of the best-smelling essential oils on the market with its sweet, floral aroma. In fact, Neroli oils are used in a large number of top-selling perfumes, which speaks volumes about its wonderful smell.

Moving past the sweet fragrance of Neroli, this oil is also revered for the fact that it’s one of the safest and least irritating essential oils out there. This, coupled with the fact that Neroli is a middle note and can be combined with a lot of other products, makes it one of the most widely-used oils.


This bitter orange tree extract is a dark-greenish color, and its consistency is somewhat thick for a liquid. So when you go to buy it, make sure that they match this description.

Healing Properties


We all feel down sometimes, but you can quickly rid this feeling by using Neroli oil because it works to lift your spirits and brings about feelings of happiness. This is one of the big reasons why Neroli is used so much in aromatherapy.

Beauty product

Neroli oil is heavily used as a beauty product because of its skin regenerative properties. For one thing, Neroli reduces the appearance of stretch marks until they’re much less visible, and also helps fade scars. Another beauty usage of the oil is to refresh tired skin by applying a small amount of this product to the skin. You can also make your skin smoother and repair broken capillaries by applying it on a regular basis.

Cold prevention

If you want to avoid catching a cold this winter, this oil is an excellent place to begin. It works to ward off potential cold-causing bacteria, and keeps mucus at bay too. It also have somewhat of a Nyquil effect since they help people sleep better as well.

Digestion aid and/or increasing appetite

If you’re having trouble with digestion, a little Neroli can go a long way to improving your digestive process. Along with this, you can also use it to increase your appetite when you aren’t getting enough nutrients.

Perfume and/or household fragrance

As mentioned before, Neroli has an excellent aroma, and it is used quite extensively in the perfume industry. Of course, if you find that your perfume doesn’t contain any Neroli, you can also add a drop or two into any perfume to give it an extra sweet smell. In addition to this, you can use Neroli as a household fragrance by adding it to a vaporizer.

Relieving muscle pain

Does your body feel tired and worn-out? The oil can help you feel right again because it works to soothe your muscles, and provide relief to the body as a whole. Just add a little Neroli to massage oils, and watch this product work wonders!

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