How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles are one of the biggest concerns among women of all ages, and even some men. Under-eye circles create the illusion of being tired with both men and women, and it’s widely believed that discoloration under or around the eye causes people to appear older than just wrinkles or grey hair alone.

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to treat discolored eye areas to minimize the effects of dark circles, which we’ll cover below.

But first, let’s discuss what causes dark circles under your eyes and then we will check few home remedies.


Before deciding on a method for treating your dark circles, it’s best to uncover the reasons why your skin is discolored around the eyes. Darkened skin under or around your eyes can occur for a number of reasons including illness, lack of sleep, allergies, and also your genetics.

Dark circles are similar to varicose veins in that both are said to be hereditary traits. The discoloration occurs when your blood flows through the large veins close to the surface of the skin. If your skin is transparent, the discoloration is more noticeable and your circles are darker.


If you begin touching your eyes more frequently due to less sleep, you could be causing dark circles around your eyes just by rubbing them. Irritated eyes or nasal congestion will often be caused by a lack of sleep, allergies from pets or pollen, and dust. All of these things are concerns when dealing with dark under-eye areas, but can be remedied easily.

To clear up dark circles caused by allergies, you’ll need to treat your allergies by consulting a doctor, as well as eliminating the allergens from your home. Allergies that are seasonal such as hay fever are sometimes treatable with over-the-counter medications.

Food or Chemical Allergies

Food allergies are also known for causing dark circles around eyes; however, not everyone is aware they have these allergies. To find out if you have a food or chemical sensitivity, talk to a dermatologist or family physician so you can get some proper testing and diagnosis. In some cases, a simple multi-vitamin can be the solution for your dark under-eye circles. Also note that gluten sensitivity can lead to discoloration around the eyes, but this problem is easily fixed by eliminating gluten from your diet.


Dehydration is caused when the amount of water that’s leaving the body is greater than the water being taken in. The effects of being dehydrated appear as dark circles around the eyes, thirst, dark colored urine, and a loss of appetite. The best and easiest solution is to drink more water on a daily basis. Drinking water is great for avoiding dark discoloration around the eyes, and maintaining good overall health. But if you drink too much water, you can retain a lot of it, and when your body retains water, you may become bloated or swollen as a result.

A simple way to drink enough water, without drinking too much, is to have a glass with each meal, or beforehand.

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