How to Dye Hair at Home

It can be overwhelming when you’re standing in front of hundreds of hair dye boxes at the drugstore. After all, there are so many options, and it’s easy to choose the wrong product if you don’t go prepared.

This is why you should really think about what direction you want your hair color to go, if you’re going to cover up grays, or if you’re just coloring the roots. By going to the store prepared, you’ll cut half of the confusion out of the equation because you’ll be able to pinpoint the products you actually need. So if you’re in the market to color your hair, here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow.

*Note: Most of the items that you need will come in the home hair dye kit including gloves, instructions, a bottle of formula, and a bottle of activator. You will also need to gather an old towel, paper towels, Vaseline, a hair clip, scissors, a timer and a paint brush.


  1. A Picture of Woman dyeing her hairChoose the color you want for your hair while keeping in mind your skin tone and natural hair color.
    For example: if you have really pale skin, you shouldn’t dye your hair black so as to avoid looking washed-out.
  2. Take the instructions, gloves, color mixes labeled 1 and 2, and conditioner out of the box. Then cut the number off of the box indicating what color it is, and keep this number somewhere safe so that you know what color to buy when your ready to re-color in a month or two; the number is usually at the top of the box in one of the corners.
    Note: If you don’t find all of the aforementioned items in the box, return the box to the store and exchange it for another.
  3. Begin by reading the instructions carefully. Set up your items so that they are easy to reach; have your old towel, paper towel, timer, and wear an old t-shirt before you get started.
  4. It’s best to test a very small patch of your hair a day or two before you color your whole head of hair. A lot of people don’t do this, and risk having a chemical or allergic reaction. Part your hair at the ears, pull a very small patch from the center of your head, and clip or tie back the rest of your hair.

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