How to Choose the Color of Makeup Foundation

Makeup has been popular for ages. In the ancient times to hide skin defects women rubbed lead dust onto skin. In the 30s of the 20th century the forefather of today’s foundation came into existence.

Creamy powder soon became an inevitable part of woman’s life and her basic cosmetic. New types of foundation at the beginning of the 21st century changed it into the second skin and people do not believe anymore in tales connected with its harmful side-effects (e.g. about blocking up pores).

The foundation or base is the first and most important step in makeup application. Despite color pigments they also include special dyes for colour products reacting to light, light elements of silicon as well as important protective ingredients which supplement and support facial cream. Foundations protect skin against ultraviolet, frost, air pollution, contain anti-solar filters and substances catching free radicals.

Choosing the Right Color

Woman with beautiful makeupThe foundation you will choose depends on how much you are ready to spend and on your skin type and color.

To choose the best foundation apply a couple dots of each color on areas of your jawline (the inner wrist or hand aren’t the best spots, contrary to popular belief).Take a good, long look — near a window. Ask to borrow a hand mirror and stand near a doorway, or step outside, to see which foundation looks best in the natural light. The right shade is one that you can’t see because it blends in so well.

There are two main colour tones – warm and cold which are suitable for women of warm or cold look (for more information see: The appearance type). In warm tone these are yellow, peach, warm beige and brown which dominate, whereas in cold tone – pink, grey, cold beige and sandy beige.

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