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How to Tone Shoulder Muscles

When it comes to working out, not many of us obsess about our shoulders. After all, most people are worried about toning their abs, arms or legs, and this leaves little time for shoulder muscles. But this certainly isn’t a green light to neglect your shoulders because they’re quite important to your overall appearance. Keeping […]

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How to Tone Chest Muscles

One great thing about exercising your chest is that there are plenty of different exercises that can effectively work this group of muscles. There are pushups, dumbbell flyes, alternating floor presses and the barbell bench press – just to name a few. Considering the plentiful amount of chest exercises that are available, you should have […]

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Quick Guide to Negative Calorie Foods

With the obese and overweight population growing, many are looking for effortless ways to cut calories. This being said, fad diets and weight loss products have experienced a huge boost as people trade hard work for convenience. Of course, there are a lot of fad diets that don’t work, and supplements that amount to little […]

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High Calorie Foods for Weight Gain

When doctors want patients to gain weight, they don’t prescribe cakes, cookies and pies. Instead, they give them a list of healthy, high calorie foods that will provide the body with nutrients needed to build a strong body. High calorie foods are ideal for those who are trying to gain weight, and/or have children who […]

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10 Best Exercises to Lose Weight

Losing weight is often a long and monotonous process that isn’t reflected right away. And results will vary from person-to-person depending on their weight, gender, health and sometimes genetics. The average person who’s trying to lose weight should only drop 1-2 pounds a week; anything more than this is considered dangerous. Taking this fact into […]