stuffy nose
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6+ Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose

Who among us did not suffer from a stuffy nose? Suddenly it’s hard to breathe through the nose and you realize you’ve been breathing through your mouth in the past hours. You feel that because your mouth becomes dry, your lips chapped from licking them, trying to recreate the moisture of a closed mouth. Nasal […]

glowing skin
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Steam Room & Benefits for Your Health

Sweating is good for us, scientists have determined. But we surround ourselves with air conditioning in the hot and humid summer days and try our best not to sweat. What a contradiction? Not really. We need to sweat, but as a human beings and social animals we want to choose where we sweat and when. The […]

apples and water
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How to Burn Body Fat Naturally

Burning fat doesn’t always have to mean hitting the gym for endless hours. In fact, there are a few things you can do outside of the gym to boost your fat-burning abilities. Patience is a key to melting fat because it takes time to work off the 3,500 calories found in just one pound of […]

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Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight

Some of the well-known “diet” foods may surprise you because they are actually not healthy at all, and can sabotage your weight-losing efforts. This being the case, you should keep a watchful eye on the following foods because they cause weight gain. Forget About Flavored Yogurt This is supposedly one of the best diet snacks […]

ginger and lemon
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Foods That Help Lose Weight

We often blame metabolism for our weight problems and should we? In this article we will take a look on some foods that can speed up your metabolism significantly, so you will be able to lose unwanted pounds, while enjoying tasty, healthy food. What to Eat to Speed Up Your Metabolism Ginger It warms up […]

Woman with cellulite on thighs
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How to Exercise to Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite pops up unexpectedly around the hips, buttocks, stomach, thighs and arms, and can be spotted as dimples or lumps just under the skin’s surface. It is often associated with overweight women, but the truth is that anyone can develop cellulite – no mater their gender or weight. However, it’s no surprise that cellulite and […]

arm muscle
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Arm Workouts to Tone Muscles

Arms can be a big problem area for both men and women of any age because it’s difficult to burn fat that clings to the arm. As we all know, cardio is the key to melting fat, but while you’re waiting for the fat to burn off, you should try specific exercises that can build […]

apple vs sweety
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Delicious Desserts for Losing Weight

There are plenty of pitfalls when it comes to dieting – the first being that it isn’t any fun! Plus there are more restrictions than there are freedoms, which often means dessert is left out of the equation. But as the old adage says, “There is always room for dessert!” You might not want to […]