Beauty Secrets from Around the World

Beauty secrets from around the world are valuable bits of information that can help anyone struggling with dry scalp, fragile nails, brittle hair or dull skin. Getting fresh perspective and ideas for beauty troubles is always exciting, and these secrets can help cut down the cost of maintaining your natural beauty. All of the items found in these secrets are easily obtained from grocery stores, and you may already have them hiding in your cupboards. Read about how women from around the globe stay looking fabulous all year round!

Beauty around the world


  • Chile
    If you’re not satisfied with face masks found in the stores, then make your own by following a classic Chilean recipe involving red grapes. This mask will leave you with radiant skin because of the antioxidants found in the grapes.To “diy” this mask:
    Take a handful of red grapes and smash them in a small bowl, combine 2 tablespoons of white flour with the grapes, and apply the mask to your face. After 10 minutes, rinse your face to wake your skin and brighten its appearance.
  • Dominican Republic
    If you have trouble growing your nails due to them breaking easily, then take a hint from women in the Dominican Republic. Strong nails can be achieved by chopping fresh garlic into small bits, putting the bits into clear nail polish, waiting 7-10 days, and then applying the solution to your nails. This will smell bad initially; however, the scent fades away completely with time.
  • Eastern Europe
    Give your whole body a pick-me-up by using milk to soak in instead of water. Milk was Cleopatra’s secret to smooth and soft skin, and can be a home treatment that is easy and effective.

    Prepare your bath as normal, and then add 2 cups of powdered milk. You’ll remove dead skin cells to uncover silky soft skin!

  • France
    Woman of France don’t take beauty lightly, and are known to get facials and massages regularly.

    To create an at-home face mask popularly used in France, you’ll need to mash cherries and pomegranate seeds up to apply to your face as a mask. Wipe your mask off after 6 minutes using a warm towel to improve circulation.

    This mask uses natural enzymes to firm and brighten your skin.

    France Again?
    Popular nail color in France is red, which can be difficult to remove, so French women soak their fingers in warm lemon juice to remove the yellow tinge that’s left behind by red nail polish.

  • Greece
    Women of Greece have glowing skin complexions due to a higher amount of melanin that shields and absorbs harmful UV rays; however, not being Greek won’t keep you from having glowing skin too.

    The secret is to eat a Mediterranean diet, which includes plenty of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that refresh your skin. Going further, eat more olive oil, fish, fruit, and vegetables so that you too can have a healthier skin complexion.

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